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10/11/2012 c1 Guest
"[...] but Ogata-sensei and Touya, who had been nearby, treated him like a bomb about to blow up for the next several days." Splendid! LMAO!
7/24/2010 c1 11sweetyamiyugigirl
... That was a good fic, yes, HIkaru is happy, mostly, but Sai is still ever present in his thoughts...
7/19/2010 c1 lovelymokona
I could feel it, a feeling called "bittersweet" in your story.

So sweet, yet so sad. Sai's silhouette looming every now and then, all in Hikaru’s thought. How can Hikaru forget about his dearest friend if Sai always in his mind and heart? =3

And yes! I believe you're right! Hikaru and Sai's relationship was a unique bond that further than the mere so called "friend" and much more profound than any sentiment can be named. Closest that could be temporary called “Dearest friend” or “Family". Of course it was deeper than it. However no matter what it would be called or named, the sentiments between them were the purest, I must admit. :)

So, what can I say? – Well done! ~.^

Looking forward to your other story! :)
7/18/2010 c1 12yamina-chan

That's a nice story. It made me smile but it also made me sad.

It's short and the matter has been discussed many times, but I still have to say that I really like this. It's short, yes, but you managed to bring everything of imprortance in it, while also adding some yet unseen new elements to it.

My personal favourite would be the printer idea, but I also like thought that Hikarus remembered Sai because of his father.

Also, the fact that Hikaru can't come up with a wprd to describe his realationship to Sai is fitting.

All in all: well done ^^

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