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for The Hill of Swords

10/4 c11 Raging Drake
Ah,so she still hasnt seen ‘the fire’
10/4 c10 Raging Drake
Oh? So did Louise summon shirou from Avalon since he was already dead and with saber?
10/3 c9 Raging Drake
That wrench scene was hilarious,and so shirou still searches for her…
10/3 c6 Raging Drake
Awww,she’s jelous
10/3 c5 Raging Drake
Wow,this shirou is blood thirsty and Not the save people kind
10/3 c3 Raging Drake
Ahahaha! Kinky~
10/3 c1 Raging Drake
Huh,i dont know Which shirou this is,its definitely Not hf shirou,so either fate or ubw,fate has more of chance tho
9/17 c23 22Clavyus
Great story, lovely ending. The Queen, maybe?
9/8 c8 Guest
*SLAM* 28 stab wounds!
8/18 c23 1forward-smash
Thank you.
8/15 c23 Cool Name Here
I cheer
8/14 c13 Sensepi Rescopula
why didn't he try to use ubw?
8/1 c23 Ariadne Venegas
I think there was more than one child!

Henrietta and Agatha had a threesome because the queen asked for an heir and had him drunk really drunk.

But there is another in Thabita I think
7/3 c23 1Cloy552
Thanks for your hard work.

It really couldn't have ended any other way. Well done (even if I'm like 11 years late)
7/3 c22 Cloy552
That was everything I had been waiting for and more in the most glorious battle scene I think I've ever read.

I actually also had to pull up the scene where Shirou does his chant on youtube just to hear it again after he finally did it. Was also playing EMIYA on repeat the whole time.
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