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1/6/2017 c2 lady sesshomaru sama 949
I love it!
3/8/2015 c2 Guest
Writ some more chapters
1/14/2014 c2 1oVdlmeto00
it was AMAZING! Please keed it up! (by the way, lemon was amazing);]
8/27/2012 c2 5Virivie
I'll totally write a Bakura/Kagome fic of you update this!;)
Ps yes, this is a bribe.
3/29/2012 c3 EverRose808
Noooo~ This was a Very Good story! *sigh* Please reconsider of resigning from FanFiction.net? If not then I respect your decision and hope you have a great life.
4/7/2011 c3 lady sesshomaru-sama
i love it cant wait for more!
2/13/2011 c3 3IsisMoon
you'll be missed, and i always did like your stories
1/3/2011 c2 32tinabug
loved this. you did a good job on him teasing her. seems in character for him. please update soon!
12/11/2010 c2 anonimous
Hey, Nozu-chan, I went to your profile to see if there were any other stories I might like but there aren't any...yet.

"Marine Life is NOT for me" sounds like it will be a good story, you should write it...please?
12/10/2010 c2 anonimous
I agree with you on the whole "Kagome/Bakura" thing especially if it's Yami Bakura. I mean I like Ryou Bakura but I just have a thing for bad boys, you know? AND, if you ask me, you get him to try to make Kagome evil like him so they'll be a perfect match. Not to mention that, even though I like "Nice Kagome", I'm a little tired of her being such a"Goody-Goody", you know what I mean? She's been a good girl so long, it's gotten old, and not even funny, so having her be evil for once will REALLY shake things up.

Well, that's all I have to say, other than "Love the story" and "Update soon. Ja Ne".
10/31/2010 c2 Reggie
Plz update soon. As for ur lemon, i think u did quite find. ive seen some crappy ones where they feel very rushed. Urs is far from that, urs has a smooth transitional flow within its self, that makes u wanna read it.
10/12/2010 c2 6Samantha Rice
Don't worry, I'm gonna let you in on a secret .



*Whispering* I don't write lemons either. It's true. I just don't have enough experience in... that / to be able to write one, let alone post it on the internet.

But I think this is a great story. At first I was a little skeptical, but it's grown on me. I await your next update.

The humble reader at your mercy,

Samantha Rice
8/6/2010 c2 kakashixangela
yeah! i agree! its all yugi and kaiba with kagome! why not bakura? man this chapter was great! ^ ^ when will she meet ryou?
7/24/2010 c2 8Bloodcherry
I love how you hate writing lemons. XD Makes me chuckle... Anyway, I agree, Kagome Bakura pairings are interesting! *grins* Great drabble collection so far! Keep up the great work!

Ja ne,

7/24/2010 c2 17Strawberry-Apple-Pomegranate B
This story is pure love so far~! I would offer to write lemons for you, but I kind of ramble when attempting to write them. I'm definately favouriting this. :) With how the conversation is in italics makes it all the more interesting~

I agree, there does need to be more Bakura x Kagome fan fictions. I regret not tackling the Touzuoko Bakura in Artist Alley at Anime Boston back in April (to hog tie him and drag him back to the hotel room)... :

If I new more about how Duel Monsters is actually played (I need to antagonize my friend), then I'd write a Yu-Gi-OhxInuyasha fan fiction, but I don't. That and I need to get back into the series like I did with Yu-Gi-Oh GX (Japanese with English subtitles of course).
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