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1/15/2015 c23 Guest
Absolutely brilliant! ! Totally loved it and looking forward to reading the next _
6/24/2014 c23 7DesertDragon
Well I recently promised another review when I finished with your lovely LJH, so here I am - nearly forgot as I jumped right into the sequel!

Again, wonderfully written story and fabulous crossover idea - I have to tell you that I had to go out and buy Alice in Wonderland as I had never seen the whole thing because my new fondest for the characters thanks to this story. Drop Dead Fred goes well with it, as I would also suspect other fairy-tale stories may.

Before I got to chapter 18 I was worried that Lizzie's story, and her previous trouble with disappearing in her world, would not come back into view, but it did just in time! Loved that it came back around to DDF.

My favorite scene still has to be the waterfall, though ;)

Would like to see Memories up on Ao3 so I can download the whole thing, but except to see reviews pop up for that one here too (despite that it's unfinished...?)

Thank you for writing!
6/19/2014 c13 DesertDragon
Hello! Just commented over at Ao3: answered my own question and found you and the DDF sequel here to, so I am following everything :) Again, LOVELY writing and story. I'll be leaving more comments...
6/7/2014 c23 2strella.smith
I must congratulate you on writing a story so addictive, I sadly neglected my poor children over the past twenty-four hours because I was glued to the computer! I don't even know how to tell you how much I enjoyed it! I normally don't like crossover stories at all, but yours was a wonderful exception. It sucked me in and would not let me go! I adored, ADORED what you did with Fred and Lizzie's characters! I loved the evolution of their romance, and my heart was rent in two for poor Fred and what he had to go through! I also loved the world you created with Underland. I was right there with them through everything and I did not want to leave! I was so excited to see that you wrote a sequel! I am going to have to block out another Saturday soon to read it, and tell my kids to expect peanut butter sandwiches for dinner! LOL! Thanks for a most enjoyable read!
11/18/2013 c3 8WENN9366
11/15/2013 c23 3Shay-Monyou
I just spent 8 hours of my day reading this...


Absolutely stunning work, it saddens me a little that there aren't more stories as fleshed out as this one!

Looking forward to another long reading session for the sequal, now if you'll excuse me, I REALLY need to pee, the story was THAT good!
7/4/2013 c23 28brothermine
aww that was wonderful! I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you for a wonderful story! I am very excited to look at the sequel!
7/4/2013 c18 brothermine
Marry me snot face aww that made me giggle nice to see he is still well Fred :)
7/4/2013 c11 brothermine
Okay I really need to leave or i'm going to be late lol but I have to tell you I am loving this story! I am loving the crossover two of my favourite movies together & it does make sense that he is the hatter's brother! I love how well you write Fred, I love when they remember things from their past the bit where he kisses her head when he thought she was sleeping is so freaking sweet & something I can see happening! I am so excited to read more I really am loving this story so much!
7/3/2013 c6 brothermine
Okay I love this story! why do I need seep now? Why did I need to find it so late lol anyway i'll be back tomorrow to read the rest of this but seriously it's amazing i'm loving it! I love the deth this has and its a very interesting & different story I can't wait ti find out more about Fred's past & what's happened to lizzie excited to read more tomorrow!
4/19/2013 c22 6BellesAndRoses
Every time I read this story, it gets better and better :) many thanks for writing it; it's honestly my favorite Drop Dead Fred (and Alice in Wonderland) fanfiction.. and one of many favorite fanfictions in general :) excellent work!
3/1/2013 c23 Em
Ugh. This was so PERFECT. I only watched Drop Dead Fred a week ago and I just fell immediately in love with Lizzie/Fred, and this fic gave me so many feelings. Really- fantastic, beautiful, wonderful job, you are a genius. :D
2/1/2013 c23 Chrystle Ayer
Awesome! That was quite the journey! Oh, it not over, though, right?

Yay for redeemed Mickey! I will always like him. Thanks for this great, entertaining and quality standard story. Moving on to the sequel now. Though I probably won't review that until that last update or chapter.

Thanks again for this gorgeous read!
2/1/2013 c21 Chrystle Ayer
I was going to say "Poor Mickey" because I liked him in the movie. And I don't like when he's made the bad guy in L/F fics even if he hasn't technically done anything in the story worthy of being made the bad guy. Not in this story, though. I still don't necessarily consider him the bad guy here. (That's Mega-Beast Bitch Polly) After all, he thinks he's helping Lizzie. BUT...yet and still...that was not cool, Mickey!

Oh, and a plate of intertubz cookies for mentioning 'Wings'! I loved that show! Yeah, yeah, I know...lol But I fell in love with Thomas Haden Church and Tony Shaloub's acting during the running of that show! How many Emmy's have Tony for won 'Monk', I wonder?

I'm stalling...I'm scared to read what happens to Lizzie due to her reptoid mother, lol.
2/1/2013 c20 Chrystle Ayer
It's been a fucking AWESOME tale and journey! OoOo...and it's not over yet! On forward!

Signed, "Reviewed this Chapter!",lol!
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