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7/6/2019 c38 Guest
Yay! Welcome back! I haven’t read the new chapter yet (when I do, I’ll log in before reviewing) but wanted to let you know right away that I’m still here, still reading the old fics, and am very excited to have something new to read.
7/6/2019 c38 Sydney
Oh thank god! I was just re reading this one and to wake up this morning to find another chapter! Hooray! Please continue!
8/5/2013 c37 2NamsterHamster
I know this story is from years ago. Uhmmm but please can you make a sequel or maybe just epilogue like Emma's daydream will come true and she's cooking because they'll have a new direction's reunion.. Like what happened to Britt and tana. QUICK, FINCHEL, KLAINE AND other more couples :) :)
6/5/2013 c37 Guest
Please write more please please please
5/29/2012 c37 25MrsEleanorLovett
Gosh I love it. I hope you keep writting this! It is really good
5/20/2012 c29 MrsEleanorLovett
I will stop reading now because i have school tomorow. Really good!
5/20/2012 c26 MrsEleanorLovett
Awww nice song from Moulin Rouge, right? I love the song! I even made a wemma video with it :P
5/20/2012 c25 MrsEleanorLovett
I have to say that I am not able to read just one chapter of this fic everytime. The other day I read like ten and now it is my 3 and I should go to bed! Btw I love the birth scene. Lovely :)
3/26/2012 c37 r0ckgal
So, so adorable :)
3/26/2012 c37 17ma1teo
Too cute. They should do date night often.
3/26/2012 c37 hannah
very good. update soon
2/20/2012 c36 12aggie23
"we never had this conversation".. haha i love when sue is kind and still doesn´t stop being herself.

nice chapter :)
2/20/2012 c36 17ma1teo
That was good. I liked Sue helping them.
2/20/2012 c36 Woadangel
Loved the ending with Sue denying the conversation. Sweet chapter!
2/19/2012 c36 r0ckgal
This was a really amazing chapter :)
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