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for Masquerade: The Truth Behind the Mask!

3/17/2016 c10 138obsidians
Lol I have been reading this story since 11pm this morning. It is wickedly fun and I love the comedic ecchi teasings between Ranma and Kuno. As I said in my previous review of your other story, most people make a gay Kuno so goofy and ridiculous but you really nailed him well and made it believable, my friend.

11/16/2012 c10 10JohnStang
Not to be nick picky but you have the curses totally wrong. Cold water is the activator not hot water. Hot water reverses the curses.

Cold water turn Ryoga into a pig while hot water turns him back human.

Cold water turns Ranma into Ranko while hot water turns Ranko into Ranma.

Jysenkyo is not called The secret cursed hot spings training ground - it jsut the secret cursed spring training ground meaning cold water.

Besides this one little fact I like your story.


2/16/2011 c1 22zeltronica
I read this awhile back I give it a thumbs up.

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