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8/10/2010 c2 15Baruma
That was... very different. Definitely not what I was expecting. When I saw the name Hellboy, I started laughing, and realized why Red sounded familiar. I can definitely see Luna working for that group. She is different, just like they are.

A very good start to the story. I hope you keep it up, because I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans they get up to!

7/29/2010 c2 krnXplaya202
This . . . is quite ambitious, haha. And quite humorous. I find myself strangely addicted to the plot. I cannot wait to see how things turn out. I myself have only seen the Hellboy movies, but I think I know enough to have a good sense of whatever comes up in this story. It will be very intriguing to see how you merge the two worlds of Harry Potter and Hellboy together, which seems to be a surprisingly feasible prospect. Oh, and of course, I would very much like to hear more about these "good dreams" of Luna's, haha.
7/26/2010 c2 36Willow-Bee the Cat
Very funny.
7/23/2010 c2 5Cibbler
this is going to be a fun story isn't it? Looks that way at least. One to keap my eye on. Looking forward to the next chapter
7/23/2010 c2 Cateagle
Oh, yes, this looks like fun. It appears that Luna has founds some "interesting" coworkers. It's going to be fascinating to see how Hermione blends into all of this. I can especially see why Luna needs a special revolver, she visits unusual and unfriendly places.
7/23/2010 c2 1Bobboky
7/23/2010 c2 3Raziel Tepes
You love crossovers eh ? Well, at least it should keep things interesting^^ And it looks like Hermione has no idea what she's getting into lol^^ It should make things very amusing^^
7/23/2010 c2 Allen Pitt
So Luna is even more eccentric than Hermione realized. Not a surprise, people tended to ignore & tune out Luna. She could say almost anything and nobody would notice. Is there any chance Hagrid & Hellboy could meet? Hagrid would love him. Hellboy might like his 'rock cakes' ie be able to eat them without losing a tooth (always a plus!)...

And hey, Hermione might be the first non-eccentric (heh) witch they've met ...they might just have the wrong idea about the wizarding world...
7/22/2010 c1 kionacreek
Interesting can't wait to see how this goes and what luna has been up to!
7/20/2010 c1 Warrior Priestess
You better continue with this. :P I like the premise and find it believable.
7/20/2010 c1 Morbious20
Hmm very interesting I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going.
7/20/2010 c1 Raziel Tepes
Oh yeah, I just love Luna, she's so much fun and I always thought that their differences actually completed them quite well^^
7/19/2010 c1 29ssfr

Thank you, this looks like it'll be quite fun.
7/19/2010 c1 Cateagle
*snicker* Oh, yeah, this one's got some interesting potential, especially if what was intended as a way out of a trap turns into something much more permanent as they find they actually do care strongly for each other. I can see some real potential for entertainment her, as well as for giving coronaries to elderly pureblood wizards (thin 'em out and get some younger and more intelligent ones into the Wizengamot).
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