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5/20/2011 c12 4Irishgirl94
What an awesome chapter! I really liked Heiji's and Hakuba's conversation, it sounds like Hakuba's going to discover Conan's real identity. That would be exciting! I also liked how Kaito was listening in while hanging from the side of the hospital, I don't know why, I just found it amuzing. haha :) I don't have anything else to say except...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! And for a present I give you this review! I hope it's good enough. haha:)

Anyway, can't wait to see the next chapter! Update soon!
5/19/2011 c12 nobody10901
CONGRATS! Happy belated birthday! :D Awesome chapter! You FINALLY updated! Honestly... They wanna kill Conan? D: I still wish they would just USE him instead of killing him... I KNOW! When she follows him everywhere, she could tell the rest if them how good he is and you know... :D WOW! That would be AWESOME! :D But, it's up to you. Keep it up! UPDATE SOON! Arigato~
5/18/2011 c12 23Aizawa Li Syaoran Vessalius
wow! this fic is amazing! i like it .

and about APTX 4869 too! do you want to make conan cs vs gin cs?

update asap XDD

i will add this to be my fav

do your best ^^
5/17/2011 c12 11Maki Hatayama
Not bad. You keep using 'than' when you should be using 'then', and I think you're over using the 'well, well, well', but, otherwise, I like where this story is going.
5/17/2011 c12 Jazzmonkey
Why should you blush? The storys AMAZIN my dear Mysteryfan! I truly enjoyed the whole suspense thing where there goin 2 try 2 get Conan. *squeal* PLZ rite more soon! It's ubber interesting! One thing, I WUV IT! This story really has an suspenseful plot that leaves the reader at the brink of hysterics, waiting for more. So... My only suggestion is that.. *drumroll* u need2 update soon! PLZ PLZ PLZ ...PLZ!
5/17/2011 c12 74LostInTheDreams
Loved that Hattori/Hakuba converstations ^_^ knew I would.

You're really go at going between both of them. I even sometimes have problems with that. Hakuba's speach was spot on and it was very fun to read! I also loved how your mixing all the times lines together without giving any of their motives away. Like, there's always something hidden in each one that your not telling us.

Great job and I'm glad you got to finish it for your birthday, it was a great chapter! Happy Birthday!
5/16/2011 c12 36peonywrites
Aaugh...I should really start watching Detective Conan again. This chapter got me more confused than ever. D: So many things you've presented to us; bits and pieces of info I have to pick up but I'm too lazy to put it together...a lot of people are involved in here which also makes the fic hard to follow nyah...who was the person that was spying on Heiji and Saguru ne?

Your birthday is tomorrow? Today? Happy birthday~ I send you virtual chocolate chip cookies and a chibi Conan of your own~ XD

You don't need to rush with another update, but at some point I'm going to forget most of the details to this story so post next chapter soon okay?
5/16/2011 c12 muses-pet22
Cue me having a bit of a fit over here, thanks very much. *lol*

Oh wow! This was so good. It's my favorite of the chapters. Tense, thrilling, and so very funny. I love this:

'He went out of his way to carry her home after they gave her that drink, than goes and does this. I hate to admit that it might have been a good idea, but the way they did it…and then gettin' drunk. It's a wonder he was able to drink all these in the time it took me to get her into bed, but it does explain his speech. I don't know if I should just lock up and leave or stay, considerin' he's bound to…'

A bang and a loud snore precede the rest of her thoughts, but she shakes her head and finishes it anyway.

'…pass out.'

*roflmao* That made my day. ^^

You've gotten better and better with each chapter since you started out. :) I love how you keep on building the tension! Every paragraph in this piece had me on the edge of my seat!




Next chapter, please? ^^'

4/25/2011 c11 11Maki Hatayama
Not a bad plot. It's kept me on my toes, and kept my attention. However, this story is rather fast, and un-detailed. Also, you could use to read this over, and correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Just know that you asked me to review this. You asked for this.
4/12/2011 c11 2mochi1412
Nice plot line!Though there were some parts that i was sorta confused but..EPIC STORY NONETHELESS!

You are gonna update right? *sends an evil glare*


I don't know why but..Marie reminds me of the newest character of DC that has appeared in the latest chaps...

4/5/2011 c11 36peonywrites
This is amazing! For a first fic this is a story that I am going to enjoy for sure! I admit there were some chapters that were quite confusing in terms of who was who in speaking, but other than that this story is really really good. :D

So...many...plot twists...I'm quite lost at the fact that I do not know all the characters in here, but nevertheless I have a bit of a grip on what's going on. I almost thought that Conan was dead in the previous chapters...I sighed in relief when he wasn't hurt.

I wonder how Marie will get back to Conan and the others...or even if she will at all. Will she get at least a fragment of her memories while staying with this other person? (that I sadly do not know/remember either.)

Hope you update soon!
3/31/2011 c11 Jazzmonkey
Lurv it! PLZ PLZ PLZ update! It's off the hook man! I lived the entire story! I'm dyin 2 know my more. Keep up the awesomeness of this piece of pure geneosity!
3/30/2011 c11 Shira
Luv it! Update soon PLZ! I've already recommended it 2 like over 20 people! PLZ update soon! It's an amazin story!
3/29/2011 c9 silently-regrets
awesome story!
3/13/2011 c11 Arisana
Great job on the story. You are definitely very creative with the plot you've come up with.

I do look forward to what you'll think of next, wish you luck with the process of writing.
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