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6/6/2011 c35 5LADYMALLARD
Wow, what an interesting mix of adventure in this chapter, with Roberta Chakotay letting her parents know about her whereabouts durring an absents of two years and the fact that she's going to be a mother, to the near rescue of the other Roberta by her future son, which is thworted by Borg Queen who arrives and spirits the uncoscious girl away. What will happen now? Will her future son and the others find away to get poor Roberta away from the Borg Queen before something awful happens? I eagerly await the next chapter to find out, till next time.
6/5/2011 c35 28Foxcat93
Fantastic chapter! I guess Roberta was expecting her parents to dislike her husband, but boy are they in the dark ages...a buck who drinks too much fire water...lol (Did they watch too many John Wayne movies, LOL?)

I loved your descriptions of the outfits that Ssavik and Roberta wore. Saavik's sounds very cool...Roberta though, I don't think pink and orange together would be my first choice, LOL! (I sort of don't like some 60's and 70's fashions, some are nice though...) I also got a kick out of Roberta's parents' reactions to Saavik. Saavik was pretty darn nice to let Roberta stick her with a pin! I liked your descriptions of her parent's clothes too.

The part about Nick was really neat too. The only thing I thought of, why wouldn't he recognize his mother...he had probably seen young pix of her and she would look similar, even tho younger? It's just Roberta who would probably not recognize her son grown up, although she might think he looks familiar. But maybe not. And fill me in on the number 348...I can be a bit dense...I am not getting that one.

I liked the part about Nomad and the Borg beginnings. And how 7 of 9 put the node on Roberta's forehead. Yikes! Poor Roberta! Luckily Saavik and Nick were there to sever the link...but the Borg Queen steals her away...yikes again! Great cliffhanger!

Excellent chapter...Bravo...applause, applause! Can't wait for the next one!
5/24/2011 c34 Foxcat93
I was excited to see another chapter come up today when I hadn't expected it till the weekend! And a surprise as well...Bester takes his family to Mars and they give him very little protest...because they are replicas of teh real thing! (an excelent plan thought up by the Dowd and Mrs Troi!) Bester, meanwhile, suddenly loses his memory and his "family" disappears from the holding cell.

The Borg Queen wants to question Miss Lincoln and she switches on a link that sends former Borg 7 of 9 heading to Miss Lincoln's quarters. Uh oh...what will happen now? I didn't realize that a former Borg could still be reconnected so easily. Quite a volatile situation!

Exciting chapter!
5/24/2011 c34 5LADYMALLARD
So it was a deception to fool Bester, I wondered how Alice and her Mom would be rescued. That was a smart move on the part of Mrs. Troi and Gary Seven, to actually trick Alfred into capturing fakes of his wife and daughter and leaving Betazed without harming anyone. Seems that Bester has been punnished this time, by wiping his memory of his family's exsistance out of his head for ever, how appropo, he can't go hunting for someone he doesn't remember. The perfect solution to keeping Alice and Dinah safe. But, just when you think things will be better for all, along comes an even more dangerous enemy, in the form of the Borg and their vicious ruthless Queen. How will the good guys on Voyager prevent a remote controled Seven of Nine, from doing Roberta Lincoln harm? What a cliffhanger you've ended the chapter with, I'll be praying for a miracle to save Roberta, and waiting...till next time.
5/17/2011 c33 LADYMALLARD
Interesting, The Q was trying to protect Mrs. Chakotay and Miss Lincoln at the same time from their respective dangerous situations. Mean time just when I thought that Dinah and Alice were safe, Alfred Bester, under the pretext of a visit reverts to his usual rotten tricks, to take Dianh and Alice away from Betazed. What will happen next? How will they be rescued from the evil Psi Cop? Great Cliffhanger. I'll be on the edge of my seat wondering until the next exciting chapter comes along...Till next time!
5/15/2011 c33 28Foxcat93
Wow...an excellent chapter with a surprise ending! Torres is finally able to get her rank back, but is still going to serve time for attempted murder. Her suspicions of 7 of 9 caused her to think that the former Borg was trying to assimilate Roberta, which was not true. Roberta speaks up for her when she telepathically discovers the truth.

Meanwhile, Bester shows up on Betazed. He confronts his wife and daughter and they recognize him after a moment of thinking he was Pavel Chekhov. Dinah says because of his broken promises he will not be allowed to visit Alice. But Bester pulls a fast one (the rat!) and telepathically coerces Dinah and Alice to come with him. The 3 dematerialize as Mrs Troi's son screams and runs to alert his mother.

Wow...I didn't see that one coming... how can they possibly get away from that monster now?

Great chapter...surprise cliffhanger ending!
5/2/2011 c32 5LADYMALLARD
Both Robertas are lucky to be recovering, but the one on the Voyager now seems to be returning to her normal self, losing her memories of the crew and her adventure aboard the starship. I'm guessing it's in preperation to return to her regular life. Meantime Bester is prepairing to vist his family, I certanly hope he has learned his lesson and this is only a visit and not another kidnap attempt, other wise he'll be doomed, but you never know, I'll have to wait and see. I'm intrigged about the Betazed kittys, not only their looks but with their communication skills. I wonder what my cat would tell me if we could communicate telepathicly? I'm glad Isis is with Alice and her mom, to give little Alice companionship and also protect them. Great chapter, can' wait for the next one to arrive to find out what will happen...till next time.
5/1/2011 c32 28Foxcat93
Miss Lincoln is in the sick bay on Voyager. She suddenly feels dizzy and the doctor attends to her. She appears disoriented and seems to have the other Roberta's memories of Voyage, which she had never been aboard before. The crew fill her in.

Meanwhile Bester is preparing to return to the other universe. He says to Draal that he will behave himself, but Draal is wary and not sure Bester means it. I wonder too, he is so good at deceiving people, is he really up to no good? We well have to stay tune to find out.

Little Alice (I am glad you came back to her!) is trying to decide what kitten she will choose of the 3 eared creatures on Betazed. (Did Isis have 3 ears here too, so she wouldn't stand out too much?) Of course, Alice wants the beautiful black cat Isis and it was a wise choice, for she will protect Alice and her mother from Bester should he show up. The clerk was very nice to give the cat to her, as it appeared to be a stray.

Great chapter, and I especially liked the part about Alice. She is a great character and having Isis for a kitty is just too cool! (and smart!)

Good job...can't wait for the next chapter to see if Bester will behave himself!
4/27/2011 c31 5LADYMALLARD
This was a cool chapter with Roberta Chakotay interacting with the crew of the late Starship Enterprise, on Vulcan where she's recovering and where Spock is also recovering after being rescued by his comrads. Your backgound for this Roberta is neat. It explains her independent attitude and character as a woman of the 20th century, copeing with the 24th century. Her interaction with Pavel at the end was so fun to read, as was the entire chapter. Great work, I'm eagerly looking forward to the next one, to find out what will happen next...Till next time.
4/24/2011 c31 28Foxcat93
At least Roberta has recovered her memories, although it must seem very strange for her to realize that she is 300 years in the future. Her parents don't sound very nice, but it's good they didn't object to her working for Gary Seven. It's probably good that Roberta married Chakotay before telling her parents, for they surely would have objected to his being Native American.

It is interesting that Saavik will accompany Roberta to the 20th Century...how will she keep from the ignorant giving her strange stares, I wonder...

The description of the Vulcan atmosphere's effects on Roberta were described very well and were very interesting. I would personally like a tour of the Klingon ship...I think that would be rather exciting! (except I hope they clean up the dead Klingon before I get there...)

Heehee...I loved the dead Klingon thing and the Lysol...too funny!

So, as Roberta Chakotay prepares to return to her own time, she says some words in Russian to Pavel. He is surprised and astonished that she has used his pet name Pasha. The Russian words, while I can't understand them, lent a very nice flavour to the chapter.

Nice chapter!
4/15/2011 c30 5LADYMALLARD
Great Chapter with the two Robertas waking to alternate situations. Incorperating all the elements of where they are, and what is going on around them was genious. I loved the in jokes concerning the pop group The 5th Dimension and their most famous song Aquarius, (one of my very favorites BTW)aka "Let the Sun Shine In." I thought the use of authentic Russin was very clever, everything fit together very well. I look forward to the next chapter eagerly. Till next time.
4/12/2011 c30 28Foxcat93
The alternate Roberta feels responsible for the death of her friend Pavel Chekhov, whom she believes has been killed by the evil Alfred Bester. She was rescued by Voyager and hopes to make a home for herself in the 24th Century. But at the moment of her awakening from the concussion, she sees Pavel and mistakes him for Bester. Because she has been learning Russian, she tried some of it out on him. He understands it and replies and she knows it must be Pavel, for Bester knows no Russian. He explains he did not die in a "5th Dimension." (Good pun!) Pavel tells her she is on Vulcan. He asks abou the father of her child. She is surprised to finds out that she is with child and and does not remembver being Chakotay's wife.

Meanwhile Roberta Lincoln regained consciousness. She meets Cptn. Janeway and is welcomed aboard.

Interesting chapter encompassing both of the Robertas and their wherabouts. The use of the Russian words was very good; it added depth to the portrayal of Chekhov. I like his relationship to Roberta, but I am a bit confused about which Roberta he was in love with. I thought it was the other one, not Mrs Chakotay. The alternates at times have me a bit confused. (It's just me!) But very good chapter. The pink suit and five o'clock shadow on Pavel were great descriptions for the imagination. Looking forward to the next enstallment!
4/3/2011 c29 Foxcat93
An unusual scene opens this chapter of the story. On the way to Vulcan, Dr McCoy is talking to an unconscious Spock, who probably will not be aware of anything that is said. McCoy tells Spock that he has missed him.

Suddenly in a flash of light, Roberta Lincoln appears, next to Spock on the floor and also unconscious. Bones summons Kirk. Kirk recognizes her and although they had not seen her in 15 years, she was still the same age as before. The doctor also discovers that she is with child.

Quinn the Q had lessened the severity of both Robertas' injuries and had brought this one to the ship for he hoped she would love him instead of marrying the hippie from Woodstock (I personally think Quinn would be a better choice, LOL) It will be a while before both Robertas are where they should be and Quinn seems to have decided that he must set her free if he really loves her.

Good chapter and I loved the scene with McCoy and Spock!
4/3/2011 c29 5LADYMALLARD
Wow, this has been an interesting chapter. It would have made an interesting addition to the story of Spock's return from the dead, having a character from an earlyer time and alternate Star Trek universe, appear out of no where, with only Chekov the wiser as to her real identity. It will certainly make for an interesting twist, in the story. Will Pavel let Saavik in on the situation? Or, will he just tell the Admiral about who this Roberta is and where she came from. Will both Robertas be returned to where they belong after they recover? I eagerly await the next chapter to find out...Till next time.
3/21/2011 c28 LADYMALLARD
Wow, what a chapter, full of intrigg for sure, with Roberta still in bad shape after Quinn transported her to an alternate universe where the Roberta of this time and space, was aboard the Voyager and married to Commander Chakotay. With Torres on trial and after the Holographic Dr.'s testamony, Quinn himself appears to offer the reason Roberta was brought here and a revelation as to where Chakotay's Roberta really is. An interesting tyin to the big screen movie, Star Trek 3. What will happen next? Will things straighten themselves out? I'm anxiously awaiting the next terrific episode...err..chapter to find out, till next time.
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