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3/20/2011 c28 28Foxcat93
Torres is going to be punished for her attempted murder of 7 of 9, which backfired and took out Roberta instead. Janeway has to be somewhat creative in her punishment because of their being so far away from home.

The doctor knows that the woman in grave condition is not Chakotay's wife and explains it.

Quinn surprises them; thinking him already dead; he says he has come from a "point before I decided to kill myself." (Somehow that seemed really humourous to me...LOL) He explains that he and Chakotay still loved Roberta and resurrected her.

A very interesting chapter! Hope the next will be soon in coming!
3/8/2011 c27 5LADYMALLARD
It certainly looks as though Alfred Bester hasn't yet learned his lesson. As far as being a sneaking no good villian, as soon as he landed back in his own universe all he could think about was trying to track down his wayward family. Since his last plan wasn't sucessful he now will adopt a new plan to diquise himself as his look-a-like. You might say he's taking a chapter from "How to win Friends and Influence People" by playing the good guy to accomplish his goal. Will this plan succeed or will his ruse be discovered? The Q sent Roberta to a alternate Universe, replacing her murdered counterpart, but that Roberta was pregnet, so the Q has now sent her into a really akward situation. Will the Dr. be able to find out that this is not the same Roberta that Chakoty married. What a way to end an intrigging chapter and succeed in giving your readers a real mystery. What will happen next? How will Chakotay deal with the baby's disappearence? It's really going to be agonizing to wait for the next chapter to arrive to find out. Till next time.
3/5/2011 c27 28Foxcat93
A lot happens in this chapter...Bester, returning to his own universe has had a uniform made up to match the Starfleet uniforms of Voyager. Quinn explains to Seven that the alternate Roberta had died from a head injury caused by Torres flinging a heavy object trying to kill Seven of Nine.

Now Chatokay and the alternate Roberta had married and she was with child. She had become the ship's counselor. When Seven of Nine sees Roberta in sick bay, she naturally thinks she is the Roberta who is Chakotay's wife. The holographic doctor checks the baby with a tricorder and everyone is astonished when he announces that the unborn baby has disappeared and that there is no evidence she was ever pregnant!

Wow...what is going to happen next? Every chapter gets more exciting...good job!
2/23/2011 c26 5LADYMALLARD
Bester does his part in the little charade to apologize to Roberta for all his evil, but suspects she hears O'Neil's comments as they beem out. He has the info. as to where his familly now resides, but luckely for everyone can't act upon this, not knowing where their new home planet is located and can't take the chance of farreting out more info. and getting more punnishment from The "Q" and O'Neil's father. He hasn't changed, he just can't do anything with the information he has. But, Now Roberta is missing again. Troi's Mom welcomes Dinah and Alice and Lil' Alice will get her Kitty, I love that these Betazoid Kittys have special abilitys, I find that fasinating. Roberta meantime wakes on the Starship Voyager under the care of the Halographic Dr.(My favorite character played by Robert Picardo)Cool! What adventures await her, now that she is apart of the crew? I can't wait for the next chapter to find out, Till next time...
2/20/2011 c26 28Foxcat93
Wow...a lot has happened in this chapter. Bester is acting like a normal person (LOL) although he has actually scanned Roberta's mind to discover that his family was on Betazed. He doesn't know where this is, so he files away the info in his mind.

Lxwana Troi, on Betazed, is giving shelter to Alice Bester and her mother. Alice is doing well and has been promised a kitty when the family gets their own home. I love the description of the Betazed cats. (3 ears, telepathic and rudimentary intelligence - wow I want one of those, wait, my cats fit the description except for the 3 ears, LOL) Is the description your own creation or was this stated in the series? I don't remember.

Roberta awakens in a star fleet uniform minus her necklace. She seems to have been away for two years and many memories come to her, the latest of Commander Chakotay.

Great chapter...so much went on...great job!
2/7/2011 c25 5LADYMALLARD
Well Roberta is back on Earth of the past for some R & R after being looked after by the Vulcan doctor. I found it so funny that she talked to an ancestor of the infamous Harry Mudd. Who would have guessed that this rouge's grandaughter, would be a counseler and help people, I loved that. Still in a less than normal condition concidering what Roberta's been through though, it was smart of Pavel to accompany her back to her own apartment with a side trip to Gary Seven's apt., so that he could give her time off. He makes sure she would get much needed rest,courtesy of one of McCoy's "little Red Pills." It was interesting that she found Scarlet and a younger looking Pavel Chekov in her kitchen upon waking in the morning. Ofcourse she found it strange that he looked the way he did, (I loved the greeting, recognizing it as the title of a song from a famous movie of the 60's, Hair and the crack about being the "Fifth Beatle was funny too refering to the way a long wig he wore in his first appearence on the show would make him look) and offer her an apology on behalf of Alfred Bester. I found this an interesting twist to the story, but the real twist came a few words later when Roberta overhears Scarlet call him Bester as they beam out and faints, what an interesting and shocking end to the chapter. What will happen next? How stable physically and mentally will Roberta be when she awakens? I anxiously await the next chapter, till next time...
2/6/2011 c25 28Foxcat93
Oooh good chapter! Poor Roberta is finally back home in her own century and when she awakes the following morning finds Scarlet and Pavel making her breakfast. (I loved his comment, "Good morning starshine, the earth says hello!" That was one of my fave songs of the period. I also liked the comments about his hair!) Scarlet tells Roberta that Bester has changed because he was punished for his misdeeds. Then, just after being reassured, they dematerialize and Roberta hears Scarlet address Pavel as "Bester!" Poor Roberta faints and I don't blame her! I thought all the threads were coming to a conclusion and here is another cliff hanger! Wonder what will happen to Roberta in the next chapter...good job!
2/1/2011 c24 5LADYMALLARD
I can understand Pavel's concern over Roberta after all that she had been through at the hands of Alfred Bester, as the Vulcan doctor prepaires to transfer her up to the ship. The Q named Quinn explained his actions to Sayana in the healing of Roberta, as partly selfserving and partly curiosity about the abilitys of the Drs. in this century. Pavel's concern for Roberta is so touching, wanting to be near and comforting dispite the fact that she is so traumatized by his resemblence to Bester. As Chekov explains about where they are, I can understand her confusion and desire to be back where she felt more secure, back in 1968. Meanwhile Bester is facing a most horrible nightmare concerning his torturous treatment of Isis. I'm glad to know that Bester has been changed by his experiences, (much like Ebanezer Scrooge in the Christmas Carol) and pays his pennance in order to see but not reclaim his family, despite the wishes of the Psi Corps. I loved this chapter, great job.
1/30/2011 c24 28Foxcat93
Very interesting chapter...Roberta finally awakens! When she sees Pavel, she mistakes him for Bester and is afraid again. He explains and she wants to go back to 1968.

Bester, strangely enough, is starting to be horrified at his own brutality, after having gone through several horrific nightmares concerning his evil deeds. Wow...he has truly learned his lesson at last! Scarlet asks that Bester be released from the horrible nightmares. Scarlet makes a deal with him that he can see his family again disguised as Chekhov as a young man if he will apologise to Roberta for injuring her. However he must leave his wife and child alone as they have a new life.

Excellent chapter, with resolution of several things. My question is...even if Bester is really sorry now, will he remain that way...or revert to his former evil ways?
1/26/2011 c23 5LADYMALLARD
Ah yes, while Roberta is being tended to by the Vulcan Doctor, Alfred Bester is getting yet another lesson in terror in the form of a horror filled nightmare, thanks to Scarlet. Nothing he doesn't deserve for all the terror and misery he has caused. AND the best of the worst of these nightmares is coming...Bester had better do as Scarlet says and make apologys to all those he's hurt, OR ELSE! Will he heed Scarlet O'neil's warning? Or will he experience a TERROR like he never has before? I'll be waiting for the next chapter to find out. Excellent job on this part of the story, till next time.
1/23/2011 c23 28Foxcat93
Interesting chapter! The USS Constellation-C is suddenly taken to Gamma Trianguli 6 by the Q called Quinn. (I like how you mentioned Janice Lester...she was in one of my favourite episodes.) Roberta is going in and out of consciousness having been partially healed by Quinn. Strange that Quinn won't completely heal her, saying, that's what doctors are for. Well, go figure, he's a Q!

On Babylon 5, Bester is still recovering and he experiences another nightmare, this time about Zathros. He awakes and realizes his dreams are about all the people he had killed. Roberta is not among them and he realizes she is probably still alive...

Great chapter...looking forward to the next!
1/16/2011 c22 5LADYMALLARD
Ah yes "Let the punishment fit the crime", for Bester it's a nightmarish reliving of his crime thru his victim's eyes, a fit punishment indeed. His nightmares are similar to the visitations of the ghosts to Scrooge, in the Dickens tale of a Christmas Carol, lessons to better himself that Bester had better learn from, IF he expects rid himself of the intense guilt he's experiencing. Back on Vaal's planet the Q is still displaying his odd sence of humor and Roberta is continuing to recover from Bester's attack, wondering what her necklace is actually worth and sampling a juice which tastes like my favorite orange drink, "Sunny Delight". Great job with this chapter, but, what will happen now? Will Bester learn his lesson? Will Alice get her kitty? How will Roberta react to seeing Chekov? It will be difficult to wait, to find out the answers to my questions. Till next time.
1/15/2011 c21 LADYMALLARD
This was a really neat combined telling of what was happening to all the main players in the story. Bester is back on Babylon 5 and being duely punished, for the horrors and damage he inflicted on Roberta and Chekov, as well as the Vaalian native whom the Q brought back from the dead. Dinah and Alice are safely insconsted on Betazed, where they can live in peace and Little Alice can have the pet her father denyed her before. And Roberta is recovering from Bester's very cowardly attack and now has telepathic powers, as well as that wonderfilled necklace, all given to her by the Q named Quinn. Great incorperating his name and Roberta's comment at the end was a fun bit of humor. I liked this chapter very much, on to the next one...
1/15/2011 c22 28Foxcat93
Great chapter! I loved the telepathic nightmares that Alfred has...he certainly deserves something like this. So he not only is experiencing physical pain but mental anguish. Will he ever learn his lesson? Your description of the dreams was wonderful! And of course, Quinn the Eskimo, LOL! Thankfully Q has healed Roberta or she would have died. Excellent reading and a lot of fun too! Great job!
1/9/2011 c21 Foxcat93
The story marches on...

Bester still can't remember his crimes. Dinah and Alice have gone to the planet Betazed (transported by the Q) hoping to find Alice a pet kitty and Dinah has had her first glimpse of various aliens. Roberta has awakened and discovered Pavel is not dead. And she has met the "Mighty Quinn."

Good job...looking forward to teh next chapter!
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