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12/31/2010 c20 28Foxcat93
Wow...it is so great seeing Bester get what's been due him for a long time! The skull and crossbones boxers...LOL...I cracked up over that! And he has a cracked rib from being kicked...and he is reading the minds of everyone who seem to think he has murdered two people he doesn't even recognize any more...and they are all treating him as a pariah! The vision stays with him and he is unable to block it from his mind.

Meanwhile the Q tells Chekov that he has been appointed guardian angel to take care of Roberta. The Q revives the Vaalian and gives Roberta a wonderful necklace to protect her from people like Bester. (I still want one of those necklaces! LOL) Chekov discovers that the Q is in love with Roberta, a decidedly odd thing to happen.

Wonderful chapter! Exciting and best of all, Bester gets his comeuppance!
12/30/2010 c20 Guest
Great chapter with the Q sending Bester back to Babylon 5, with no memory of what he had done or where he had been. The wickedly funny humor of this Q is evident, (I love the nod to Darkwing Duck's Negaduck, with the black skull bedecked boxers, very funny indeed) with the near naked condition of Chekov's evil twin, in the hall of the station. Leaving him the image in his mind, without the knowldge of what it means is just the kind of mental torture he deserves. And his girlfriend doesn't want him anymore, another victory for the Good Guys. I, like Bester, wonder what Scarlet and Isis have in mind by "Soon the fun begins." It's awsome that the Q is Roberta's Guardian Angel, but so sweet that his caring for her goes beyond the norm. He gives her protection and a way that her future husband will recognize her, despite his deep feelings for her. This chapter was both entertaining and fun to read, great job, I can't wait to see what will happen next...till next time.
12/20/2010 c19 5LADYMALLARD
This was one exciting nail biting chapter, poor Roberta being transported to an alien planet and then bopped on the head by Bester. Good thing Chekov arrived when he did, to give Bester a blast with his phaser. But Pavel was pretty surprised when his evil Twin disappeared. I liked the idea of the native Makora convincing the Doctor to treat Roberta, by using the Bible and Jesus to convince him that some humans are good. Things looked grim for a moment when Dr. Atuka pronounced Roberta dead, but being an alien he didn't have proper knowlege of humans so didn't properly examine her. The big surprise was the appearence of the Q, he cured Roberta and revealed that Bester was back where he belonged and his memory of the other universe had been taken away. These Q's can do good once in a while. Great action and suspence as well as a dash of the Q's sence of humor as a ending to this chapter. I can't wait for the next part to come in. Till next time.
12/17/2010 c19 28Foxcat93
A lot happens in this chapter! Bester and Roberta beaming down to a Vaalian village, Bester hitting Roberta with his gun so she becomes unconscious,Bester killing a Vaalian, Pavel strangely disintegrating Bester (a mystery!), the Vaalian doctor pronouncing Roberta dead (oh no!). Suddenly the Q appears from nowhere and heals her injuries! (and spouting a few humourous remarks!)

Excellent chapter...can't wait to see what happens next!
12/13/2010 c18 Foxcat93
Wow...an exciting chapter...I love how you say that Bester "slithered"...very apt word! Now Bester has killed Zathros and injured Garibaldi to the point of erasing his memory. Then he takes poor heartbroken Roberta as a hostage!Looks like he has it made! Forcing Seven to transport him and Roberta to GT6, instead of to the star base for Pavel's funeral.

Scarlet returns, and then, to everyone's surprise, Pavel transports in, completely recovered and Seven is very glad to see him. He volunteers to go after Lincoln and Bester. Things are looking up! Then little Alice sees her father in her mind with Miss Lincoln as a hostage...she tells her mother about it and starts sobbing uncontrollably!

A great many things happened in this exciting chapter...what will Pavel do to free Roberta...will he capture Bester? Great chapter...good job!
12/13/2010 c18 5LADYMALLARD
This is the most exciting chapter yet, with poor Roberta, already in state of depression over Pavels "Death" being highjacked and then attacked by Chekov's Devilish double. Wow, what a cliffhanger and what a place to leave off with Bester about to discover where his family is. But the good news is Pavel Chekov is on his way to the rescue, bad news is he might not survive his heroics. Poor Roberta, Dinah and Little Alice. I'll be on the edge nervously waiting to find out what will happen in the next chapter...till next time.
12/11/2010 c17 LADYMALLARD
First I'm sorry it's taken this long to read and review, I have had alot to accomplish lately and hardly any time to relax and enjoy reading or writing storys. Now as to this excellent addition, to a terrific exciting story...Bester's attitude was'nt the best, but his intentions were,(For once) in trying to stop Khan from getting the information, to take over the ship. Ofcourse not having the ability to read his mind, Kirk was trying to help a fellow human adjust to a new invironment. Poor Roberta, this whole thing with Bester and the apparent death of someone she cared deeply for has really taken a physical and mental toll on her. I hope getting to go to where he is and find out the truth, will help calm her and make her feel better. I'm glad Mr. Seven is permiting her to check things out, It will be tough to wait to find out what will happen in the next chapter. till next time.
12/5/2010 c17 28Foxcat93
Alfred seems almost nice in his younger years here, posing as Chekhov and trying to warn the captain about Kahn being a dangerous person. I love how he called the Captain a moron and then was incarcerated in the brig for the infraction. Spock's appearance is very typical!

Bester escapes and is beamed to the Botany Bay, however that ship is filled with anesthetic by Spock and he is returned to Babylon 3. Meanwhile Roberta finds out that Pavel has been killed and she screams in horror. Seven of course doesn't believe that Pavel has died. He thinks it may be a fake. At the end of the chapter Gary Seven helps Roberta transport herself to the 24th Century star base.

Good chapter...the story is moving along nicely and we are looking forward to finding out what happens to Roberta at the star base! Good job!
11/27/2010 c16 5LADYMALLARD
This was a great chapter, in reading the part from the past which involved Khan, I could easly invison the scene in the sickbay and Bester's part in being there to explain Khan recognizing Chekov later. I hope that there aren't too many repecusions, if the older Chekov impliments his plan to fool Bester by playing "Dead" so his devious double will leave and return to Babylon 5's universe. I will look forward to the next chapter anxiously, to see what will happen. Till next time.
11/25/2010 c16 28Foxcat93
Bester, masquerading as his double Pavel Chekhov, is led to the sickbay's waiting room where he quickly reads up on his double. Because of his mind reading abilities, Bester discovers a man named Kahn from a sleeper ship, is in the next room and he hears the drama between them as Kahn threatens to kill McCoy. (I suppose as you mentioned before, that the Enterprise series people got Kahn Noonien Singh mixed up with Data's Dad, Noonien Soong because their names were so similar...still a careless thing to do).

McCoy calls the captain and is unable to give Bester his physical at that time. Alfred then wonders where Pavel is, but we know that Chekov is recovering at the star base. Pavel decides to fake his demise and gets Dr. Pulaski to collude with him. Choosing to go to the planet Vaal where Dinah and Alice were staying, Pavel knows he is hated and feared on the planet. He tells everyone that Dinah and Alice are Betazoidand becomes acquainted with Makora.

Great chapter! Fills in some information for us. Can't wait to see what will happen to Pavel on the planet and also to Bester! Good job!
11/20/2010 c15 5LADYMALLARD
Very interesting, I must say...a flashback with a younger Chekov meeting with Gary Seven, before the actual time the captain and crew of the Enterprise encountered the mysteryous Agent and Miss Linclon as well as his shape shifting alien assistant Isis. And then, having Chekov come out of a dreamstate to find Spock there in his hospital room. It's interesting that the Human side of his friend has showed itself, to explain to Chekov why he acted as he did when they first met. Pavel's statement at the end was funny. I enjoyed reading this latest chapter, it answered alot of questions such as Spock's attitude toward Pavel and later why Khan would recognise Mr. Chekov, when he wasn't on the ship until later. Great Job, I look forward to the next chapter of this terrific story...till next time.
11/14/2010 c15 28Foxcat93
Dr. Pulaski's patient, Pavel Chekhov, is placed under strict security. She was able to repair the damage to his heart, but he is still in a weakened condition and on O2. Because of the security issues, Pulaski tells the head of Starfleet Command that Pavel is instead Gary Seven. There is a possible threat from the inhabitants of Gamma Trianguli 6 who are still upset that their Vaal machine was destroyed (even though it is now restored and the ecosystem working again.)

Tola and Vickers have been assigned to guard Pavel. Picard has told them he is unable to divulge the man's identity. Of course Tola, being telepathic already knows.

Pavel has a dream in which he relives his introduction to the Enterprise and to Gary Seven, who recruits him for the Starfleet Temporal Division. Pavel has a hard time keeping this knowledge from Spock, who is suspicious.

Spock awakens Pavel from his dream. Spock tells Chekhov about the threat and the security. Then he and Pavel discuss the misunderstanding that they had for many years. Spock thought Chekhov was the evil Bester and Chekhov thought Spock was just an unfeeling Vulcan with no human emotion at all.

Great chapter. Brings in the element of freiendship between Spock and Chekhov which is very interesting. Thank goodness Pavel is recovering! But will someone from Gamma Trianguli 6 get to him? Will the security be breached? Looking forward to the next chapter!
11/7/2010 c14 5LADYMALLARD
This was quite interesting and would certainly explain why Khan would recognize Pavel Chekov, when hestorically he didn't really arrive until sometime later then the Enterprise's encounter with Khan. Great idea to explain this annomally, very imaginative, I look forward to the next chapter. Till next time.
11/7/2010 c14 28Foxcat93
Great chapter! I really enjoyed this foray into young Bester's life. (He is such a great villain! Excellent reading.

Bester has arrived at the space station. He has been assigned to find the beautiful Psi Corps fugitive Scarlet O'Neil. Scarlet not only has telepathic abilities, but is able to make herself invisible. She will be difficult to locate but Bester has confidence in his own charms upon the opposite sex and feels well equipped for the assignment.

However, although most of the women seemed attracted to his looks, they were most put off by his Psi Corps uniform. He is quite attracted to Scarlet's photo and plans to woo her with his many charms. Soon he finds himself in a strange area where many people have gathered. The Enterprize's chief engineer, Montgomery Scott takes him to task for being out of uniform, mistaking him for his look-alike, Chekhov.

He soon meets Nurse Chapel who takes him to sickbay for a physical. He learns many things from reading her mind.

I was quite fascinated with the interesting turn the story has taken!
10/25/2010 c13 Foxcat93
Excellent chapter...Janeway wonders why her crew is pleased at the way the very nasty Bester is treating poor little Alice, until she is informed that she is only a hologram; the real Alice has been whisked away to safety.

Roberta is concerned about Pavel, who has suffered a coronary. He is to return to the star base hospital at once. Dinah has left word for Bester that he is to consider her leaving a divorce. And considering how he had treated his hologram daughter, there is definitely grounds. Garibaldi seems satisfied that he has gotten his revenge at last!
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