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8/16/2010 c5 28Foxcat93
Aha...Bester is taking advantage of the fact that Captain Lochley is new...she believes she is preventing a killing by letting Bester go to the other side so Garibaldi won't get him.

I am amazed that Bester actually cares for any person more than himself. This will be interesting. So he is going to contact 7 of 9...meanwhile Scarlet is sensing something odd both about the doctor (whom we know to be a hologram) and Torres, who is not whom she appears to be.

Thank goodness little Alice is Okay...but causing interest with the crew members who notice her teltpathic ability is off the charts. Poor little Alice, alone in a strange place... at least, we know, if she doesn't, that she is among people who will try to help her...

Great chapter...on to the next. (I actually read it a while back but didn't leave a review, I read it the second time now...sometimes it takes me a bit to leave a review, because I like to read the chapters twice.)
8/9/2010 c5 5LADYMALLARD
Oh boy, what drama, with Bester trying to conive his way back into the other Universe. What a good actor though, as he has convinced the Captain in charge, to allow him to go rescue his wife and daughter. You would think she would have more smarts than that. And that Doctor of theirs, trusting him to keep his word about bringing back the needed tecnology, to help with the victims of the Shadows, who are sort of like the Borg. I liked the way Little Alice was quick to point out her suspicions about what she believed the people of the Voyager could have done to Seven of Nine. And it was compleatly in character, for her to be hesitant to reveal her last name, concidering how she had been treated by others because of her association with her evil father. Great job with this chapter. What will happen next? Will Bester actually be able to cross over to the other Univerce? I can't wait for the next instalment, till next time.
8/7/2010 c4 28Foxcat93
Great chapter...I always liked 7 of 9. The Borg were a great nemesis and 7 of 9 being a sympathetic character after being cut off from the Borg was very interesting. I am glad you included her. (I liked Hugh the Borg too from ST:TNG).

Interesting that Dinah Bester resembles Torres. Torres was an interesting person too, being half Klingon. O'Neill impersonating her will be interesting.

Poor little rogue Alice...hope she comes out of the strange faint she has fallen into from the effects of the mushrooms. Good to see Tuvok in the story too...

Looking forward to see how the story continues to unfold...
8/4/2010 c4 5LADYMALLARD
Holy switcheroo! Scarlet is on Voyager to retreve Alice, while Enginering Officer Torres has been taken to Gary Seven's apartment in the 20th century. The Klingon/human combo in this character makes for an interesting mix, who knows what her reaction will be when she awakes from Mr. Seven's happy shot, in his holding cell. It's a good thing that only Mrs. Bester is going to be allowed to go to the 20th century to pick up her daughter. Her crafty cad of a husband, wouldn't fare too well if he and Gary Seven met again, after what Bester pulled the last time. Hopefully Little Alice won't have any nasty after effects from her fright seeing Seven of Nine and the mushroom she ate. Will the Voyager Captain and other crew members discover the switch? How will Alice react when she wakes up in sickbay? Great Chapter, I look forward to the next instalment to see what will happen next. Till next time.
8/1/2010 c3 28Foxcat93
This is a great chapter! Little Alice is finding her way alone...I feel so sorry for her being all alone. But at least she has her telepathic abilities to help her understand her environment. Humor provided by Neelix and Tuvok 's relationship is very good...they have always been 2 of my favorite Voyager characters.

Now she has bitten into a mushroom and fallen into a deep sleep...hmmm...what will happen now...this is getting very exciting!
7/30/2010 c3 5LADYMALLARD
Well this is quite an interesting devlopment, Alice has been transported to Star Ship Voyager and is now taking an impromptu nap, due to some mysterious sedative-like mushrooms,(talk about your little red...err brownish-white pills) The adventure is just begining and her first impression of her new location is seeing 7 of 9 and it was a scary one, for the little telepath. Hopefully the crew of the Voyager, can calm this little traveler and make her comfortable for the time she is with them. Great Chapter! Well put together...I loved the comidic patter, between Tuvok and Neelix about his corruption of the Vulcan's name. Can't wait till the next instalment to find out what Alice will think of the Star Ship and it's humanoide inhabitance. Till next time.
7/27/2010 c2 LADYMALLARD
Well, little Alice is on her way to an interesting and exciting adventure. I'm glad she had assistance from Scarlet's Dad, but I'm sure Her Mom's going to be pretty worried until her child is safe and sound and back in her arms. This was a moving chapter as far as the adult's concern for the little girl, after the horrid thoughts she picked up which frightened her into this escape. I could just slap Alfred Bester for his attitude regarding his own innocent little daughter, but then I guess I shouldn't expect sympathetic vibrations from someone of his character. It will be difficult to wait for the next chapter to find out what will happen. This story is, even in these early stages, a very clever plot. Most worthy of being part of the Babylon 5 lore. Great Job! Till next time.
7/27/2010 c2 28Foxcat93
Excellent chapter, outlining how Alice gets away on her own and how she is mistakenly thought to be from one of the families. I will be interested to find out if she wants to keep her identity secret because of her father or if she will just be scared to be alone and away from everyone.

Certainly understandable how shw would hear in her mind all those horrible thoughts and want to get away. I wonder how she will fend for herself. Also resourceful in blocking other PSI corp people out of her mind. Interesting how grown-up she seems, perhaps because of her gift. Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/27/2010 c1 rachel93execpc.com
Good additional information added. Rounds out the chapter to make Alice's actions more understandable. On to Chapter Two...
7/22/2010 c1 5LADYMALLARD
An innocent childs misunderstanding, of thoughts she has picked up from others, as well as the sight she sees in the lab, will be the catalyst for an exciting adventure. An exciting new story. A sequel, blending well into the ending of the previous story. This is a great start, I can't wait for the next instalment as little Alice's journey to adventure begins. Great Job, till next time.
7/20/2010 c1 28Foxcat93
Great start to a story which promises to be very exciting! Poor little Alice, getting nasty thoughts about herself from all those people. Of course, we can't totally blame them, seeing who her father is, and it's hard to control one's thoughts, but nevertheless it would quite hurtful to a young child who is truly good and innocent. She is fortunate to have a good mother. Wonder what's finally going to happen to Bester? He's such a great character, abeit a nasty one! Wonder what Scarlet is going to do with her newly-discovered shape shifting abilities? Great chapter...can't wait for the next one!
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