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11/29/2012 c1 3unafraid
Hibari being an awful kisser makes perfect sense, tbh. Kudos.
5/25/2012 c1 10Totoro504
This would be the most perfect way to get into a relationship with somebody. Sneak into a hot guy who is not dating anyone, and start cleaning their house, cooking, and doing their chores. BRILLIANT. Lol Jk jk I wish this could really happen to me though. As for Hibari being an awful kisser? I would have to agree with you. He seems to be like the rough and angry type when kissing that it just doesn't come off as good. Then again, maybe if he practice a lot, he'll get better? Maybe.
3/4/2012 c1 43Sabrina-nee
Hibari-chan totally digs Haru-chan (don't you even deny it Hibari-chan!) Aww that is completely sweet story *squeal* kudos to you author-san! :)

Sabrina-chan xoxo
8/15/2011 c1 6elegant Usurper
In all honesty, I think this is one of the best 1886 fanfics on this site. No joke.

I guess it's the way it clicks together like a key in a lock.

Just wondering, have you considered writing this from Haru's point of veiw? Reading that would be interesting, seeing how she choose to actually start cleaning a month after she saw the state his house was in. Or she just did everything when ever she had the time.

BUT ANYWAY, to me, this is sort of like a classic, to be enjoyed no matter when.
7/24/2011 c1 17Irma.Arisa.Laye
That was... sooo funny and adorable! Jealousy can really push people to do things they certainly wouldn't do otherwise. XD

I've said this before in a review for a different KyouyaHaru fic... but I think this is soooo Kyouya Hibari- more action, less words- oh, so arrogant and feeling almighty but still sort of sweet and lovable. 3
1/15/2011 c1 2SuperbOink
I can totally see Hibari as an awful kisser. lol That element of the story made it more believable and in-character. It was also sweet in a Hibari-kind-of-way.
8/28/2010 c1 12Dawnaven
Haha! What an awful kiss xD Poor Haru. Great one-shot :)
8/9/2010 c1 7smos
I always pictured hibari as an awful kisser too. lol. great fic!
8/7/2010 c1 4reeroy
Don't worry, I share your sentiments. He's so involved with violence that I highly doubt he'd ever given a thought to what females are to males. Hormonally. XD

So he's a bad kisser. I think Haru-chan should give him a crash course in how to be a good boyfriend. Think about it. He overhears Haru complaining to someone about how bad he is in...ahem...certain areas (like kissing!) that he takes it as a challenge to best everyone.

Just a thought. I really adored your style though. It brought across the awesomeness of this particular pairing. Do keep it up because more work from you would be heaven-sent.

7/28/2010 c1 14Hana1225

Hibari might bite you to death

but you corrected the mistake, so the danger is over, right?


nice nice
7/22/2010 c1 please ff.net delete account
Really? I imagined him to be a softer, if only Amano-sensei would demonstrate this for us.

I really love the sequence you made in their relationship, it almost felt calm reading it, the rush wasn't there and the expression you made commenting on Hibari's POV was enough to tell us the whole picture. The last part was cute, it's a given for Haru to not protest, barging to his life like that. I guess that is why i love Haru, her character just fits in so easily, especially to those she'd feel strongly for.
7/21/2010 c1 Gena
This was great, after seeing this I can imagine Hibari as an awful kisser...all the time I only thought about Hibari as a good kisser...I think I can imagine him in both ways...But really this was so good. I hope you have more HibaHaru fics or other Haru pairing fics...Even if you don't I would definitely encourage you to write more! Because you wrote it so well.

Oh how I love this pairing...:) Please write more!
7/21/2010 c1 37Slytherwatt
Oooh, very in-character. What a wonderful, well-written story. Write more 1886 please? ^_^
7/21/2010 c1 11omgpink
I agree with the kissing theory. Too much teeth, haha. I really liked this. It was cute, in character, and believeable ;] Though, I wish you didn't have to send Hibari's parents to go live on there own. I feel like he would do that part himself- live on his own. But I love haow you compared H & H to puzzle pieces. Sweet detail. Good Writing!
7/21/2010 c1 1Asphen
Awesome little story!
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