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1/15 c13 Guest
Seviper x Zangoose is a ship that someone told me about but i didn't like the idea but this chapter changed my mind
1/15 c27 Guest
i hate myself for reading this whole book in one day and now i need therpy
1/5 c13 Guest
seviper and zangoose is not a ship i would have thought of
12/3/2021 c8 reapergrim4200
nice work man
10/8/2021 c7 Anonymous
I loved this chapter. Is there a chance that Luxray may mate for life, thus meaning that this Luxray can now only fuck Dawn? Is there a chance that Dawn might've gotten pregnant from Luxray's sperm? Would you be willing to make a multi-chapter fanfic about this pair, either as a squeal to this chapter or a different instance? If not, would you be willing to let someone else make a fanfic that continues on after this chapter as long as they credit you? The last two questions also apply to other chapters in this story.
9/6/2021 c5 Nikki
I really liked this! Good detail, good pace and a nice ending that makes me slightly desire a sequel with the Maria. As someone who does Yuri writing a lot for my own private use, this is nice! Though, my writing is just to please myself and one other, so I guess I am not overly picky lol
6/21/2021 c2 SnowWolf43
I do i do like
3/29/2021 c29 HyperDragonite
HOT! Those two were SO CUTE!

My request is a trainer and his gay Goodra M discover their feelings for each other.
2/23/2021 c7 Phillip Payne
I loved how you specifically detailed the encounter between Dawn and luxray. I hope there's a continuation of this couple. I'm dying to know what happens, like does Dawn get impregnated?
11/20/2020 c29 NightSunDreamer
I most favorite was Zoroark X Lucario but the other’s were very good. I loved it.
11/3/2020 c30 1hellion117
Still alive?
11/3/2020 c28 hellion117
I can never see that name without crying now
8/1/2020 c12 Pokeboy65
IDK if you still take requests, but I think a Serena x greninja would be interesting
5/14/2020 c29 TopGun1986
Can you do a zeraora x lucario, a zeraora x zoroark, or a Zeraora x Lucario x Zoroark chapter?
11/30/2019 c1 Guest
Dianthiaxgardevoir(both female)
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