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10/20/2016 c16 Guest
What was it about?
10/2/2016 c17 Suggestion
You should do a ma!e shiny umbreon x glaceon reader, or just shiny umbreon x glaceon
9/27/2016 c16 Guest
just wanna say i love your work. its so hard to find romantic lemons nowadays
9/26/2016 c13 Guest
awwwwwww this was so sweet!
9/19/2016 c8 wesly
Can you do more featuring the eeveelutions? They are super hot.
9/5/2016 c16 Hawk
What even was this chapter?
9/4/2016 c23 here cum dat boi
8/31/2016 c9 Guest
Can you do more on this story?
8/24/2016 c17 Guest
i loved it so much! i love packmen so much and tHAT means i love you too marry me senpai.
8/22/2016 c18 Here you go
have a zorark x riolu request
8/23/2016 c30 32Thunderbird 22
I'm hoping for a little zoroak on chameleon
8/21/2016 c17 Slick
All the Eeveelution ones are hot! We need some male trainer X female sylveon and female sylveon X male eevee. I also liked the vulpix one. Maybe you can do a female vulpix X male eevee? Eevee is just so cute!
8/18/2016 c18 Bob
tried jacking off hard thanks for the svcrapes
8/18/2016 c20 Ruby Maple
Make a chapter that actually has Blaziken's kid in it, that would be intriguing.
8/18/2016 c8 lick
Wow I read the Flareon/Glacion X trainer one to taste test this kind of thing and I like it. If you haven't done one, how about a female Sylveon X male trainer? That would be so cute. I have an idea. The Sylveon was an eevee that was in love with her trainer and that's why she evolved into sylveon and she wants her master to love her back.
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