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2/15/2016 c30 Naughty Meowmeow
I've read some kinky lemons but these are something els... Thy make me feel so dirty and I love it!
2/8/2016 c30 2EmeraldMoonGreen
Hey! I was wondering if you could do one of my female OCs with Mewtwo? If your interested in doing it, I can give you her description!
2/4/2016 c4 Anonymous
Your stuff is awesome! If you are still doing this can you do a male oc X female kabutops, there is literally none!
1/28/2016 c30 Guest
U should do Drew x May x Brendan/Ash next.
1/25/2016 c1 16Dragonsonic
1/20/2016 c29 Guest
More yaoi pokemon needed! PLSSSS
1/20/2016 c10 Guest
Can you do more like this i love these yaois! More erebus and silver pls also you had a mistake on the text silver is a he not a her X3
1/18/2016 c5 Guest
it was good
1/15/2016 c17 Guest
Shadow Realm? Cool. Say hi to Herobrine for me, will ya?

1/14/2016 c30 Darkfire the Mew
Maybe do a mew and victini
1/5/2016 c6 A sane person
Great, what the hell's next? Haunter x Sabrina?
12/30/2015 c30 Guest
Please write more of these! In fact, I have an idea: MORE EEVEES!

Addison Eevee Lover
12/30/2015 c30 Guest
Always wondered how those two would work out.

1/1/2016 c2 22ZYXA12-ReBornX7
Wish we could see some more...
12/26/2015 c27 Guest
Well done! The story is realistic and the lemons are extra sour. You should do more threesomes in the future.

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