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12/26/2015 c27 Guest
Well done! The story is realistic and the lemons are extra sour. You should do more threesomes in the future.

12/26/2015 c26 Guest
Seriously? I didn't think Dawn X Luxray would get it either. I was expecting the trainer X Flare on X Glaceon or the trainer X Umbreon (if you haven't noticed: I'm an Eevee lover; they're just so cute!).

12/28/2015 c15 DarkIceGlacEON
I love this story, though Iit was a bit hard to transition into the part where the trainer was "playing" with his Umbreon ;)

I love it tho, its a great story!
12/24/2015 c17 Guest
I love these storylines! Good lemons, but the story is just as important. Great work!

PS: The Umbreon is my favorite Eeveelution, Espeon being my runner up. Please keep doing more Eeveelution romances.

12/22/2015 c1 Sir FootPenis
Thank you for ruining my childhood and all the childhoods of everyone to ever exist. You need three things desperately: Some therapy, a new hobby, and either an editor or at least to double-check your fucking 'writing' when you're done with a chapter.
12/19/2015 c2 Guest
Great. The paring was a little unexpected, but the storyline backed it up nicely. The beginning was hilarious, and is most certainly comic-book worthy.

12/13/2015 c17 Guest
wheres my burrito
12/13/2015 c23 Guest
hey all your strories here made me cum!
12/12/2015 c17 espeonumbreonfan
i love this
i had a pair
i bred them
i got an eevee
tell me what to choose beetween the two
12/10/2015 c13 Guest
i wont go into detail. But just like romeo & juliet. But much, much better. Like a 1000 times better. Except that romeo & juliet was sooooooo boring i fell asleep in english class watching . I like your creativity and diversity of the different stories you have done D. o_O :-P
12/10/2015 c17 Kalifornia.mix x
Omg what a great story!:D
12/6/2015 c29 Martuca
I swear this is my favourite one! you should make a second part to this chapter, i would love to see what's next for them 3
11/29/2015 c30 Guest
Shame on the author. But most of all, shame on the filthy, stupid, dumb, deranged, perverted, know-fuck-all-about-literature, double-digit IQ, fucking NUGGET-BRAINED 'reviewers' praising absolute SHIT like this as 'the best thing they have ever read'. Clearly they have never read anything other than Garfield in their entire lives. No offense to Garfield.
11/29/2015 c30 A Human
Here's an idea for your next chapter: The writer of this abominable smut trash goes down to a railway track, drops their pants, bends over and gets anally fucked by an entire row of trains.
11/25/2015 c17 Donevin
Fav one has to be chapter 17 with umbreon and espeon
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