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for Neverending Pokemon Romances

11/16/2015 c17 LimeLight23
This was pretty good. I would reccomend it over others.
11/8/2015 c17 Fabuloscreeper
Hey I wanted to say thank you because Umbreon is my favorite pokemon
11/7/2015 c29 ToffleWaffle
Aaaaaand... There goes my childhood...
11/8/2015 c16 1Infinity34
I do realize you removed it, but would you mind telling me what this chapter was about?
10/29/2015 c3 Alexus5485
Just beautiful
10/23/2015 c30 damian
damian; 1v1 i rek u zekrom; resh... babe wake up i fuk her now
a beiutyfull voice reshiram...? damian; lol his coack zekroms coack is higer and gous in reshirams but unkown man; ... i will get revenge at zekrom... delta episode now... unkown man; i have guns shoot bang fuk ow zekrom you bitch... kyurem is dead now its starts now unkown man; die faggot also reshi that ho...
damian; who are you? unkown stranger? ?; im more unkown nobody knows me ...
to be contined red; its not ver mottafukas...
10/23/2015 c3 damian
an dialgia x palkia would be nice
10/23/2015 c29 damian
damian; the fuck pkmn...?! trainer
red;... damian; talk!
zoroark; whats haping over there damian; go mewtwo!
red chose pikachu mewtwo used psysic lucario; they rumbling to death pikachu dies
red chos charizard damian switch to groudon groudon;roaaaaaaaar!
red. ... charizard used fire blast groudon used iron tail charizard fainted
red send out vesaur damian sent out sceptile damian mega evoling zoroark looks lucario? they are at sky pillar damian; rayquaza but i tougt you are dead!
rayquaza; kiiyaaaaaaaagh! rayquaza mega evo damian deafetet ray faintet
10/23/2015 c30 damian
reshiram; fuck harder zekrom; its hot later... damian; i gonna catch zekrom
10/3/2015 c30 Lightning96321
I feel like a drug addict i cant get enough, and reading through all the chapters mad me mad that it ended hear and might not continue... i really wanted a charazard on pokemon action but we ended with Reshiram and Zekrom... so sad it has nothing else to give hope it continues XD
9/18/2015 c1 FCK
9/11/2015 c20 Guest
What about a male Entei turning a male Braixen into his loyal sex slave?
9/8/2015 c30 Anon
Male Charizard and Female Dragonite please?
9/2/2015 c30 AnontheAnonymousAnon
Could you do a female Flareon with a female Glaceon? •u•
8/18/2015 c30 Guest
Male shiny ninetails gets a female human as a sex slave for 10 years for touching his tail they also fall in love with each other.

The girl is 14 has Black hair and wears dark clothing.
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