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8/17/2015 c29 Guest
8/7/2015 c17 Guest
you put Shad
8/5/2015 c29 Guest
You're such an amazing writer! I wish I could do what you do, but every time I attempt to write a lemon, I always get embarrassed and quit half way through! You're very talented, and I hope you continue writing, even if it isn't lemons or anything like that!
8/4/2015 c2 AIIW
we have about 1000 of these things already what is with people wanting charizard to fuck misty -_-
7/12/2015 c20 Guest
I love this story. It's amazing. It makes me want to be in the Pokémon World. I like this story because Blaziken is my favorite Pokémon. It just really tells how much trainers can care for their Pokémon. And, in this instance, it goes really far.
6/28/2015 c1 9Ender NightBlade
6/25/2015 c30 SomePokeManiac
More yaoi! More! I suggest Gengar and Lucario!
6/21/2015 c26 Unknown
This has so much description,it made me horny.(/)
Your a great writer
6/18/2015 c5 Guest
Love it. You need to do more yuri pairings.
6/18/2015 c4 Guest
Love it.
6/17/2015 c30 Guest
Do Oshawott X Snivy or Oshawott X Emolga
6/17/2015 c2 Guest
That was good
6/17/2015 c26 Anonymous
What about buizels DICK?
6/16/2015 c22 Guest
Wow I got too say it's pretty good but ...WTF DOES IT HAVE TO BE GAY SORRY . I DONT hate gay people it's just I actually like gay people as friends but it's okay I'm not hating but if u like it then do it don't let anyone change your mind about how u think or how u feel about a other gender .
6/12/2015 c30 6Mega Lorandto
Hello, YamiMarik1994 (Imma just call you Yami). I have a request for this story. My request ... is actually a pairing between my Alpha Sapphire Trainer Aaron and both his Kyogre (Female, duh) and his Lugia (also female.) If that request can't be fulfilled, then maybe I can change the request to his Latias and Mesprit. I did a lot on Aaron. Also, the first pokemon game I played was Platinum. Next was Black, and now Alpha Sapphire. I bet you five dollars that you can't guess what the names of my first Trainers in the first two games were. Do you think you could also have my Black trainer's Reshiram in the mix? Thank you for your time. Peace.

Peter Potter, signing off for now.

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