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10/18/2014 c1 4Pixyire
10/16/2014 c11 Nobody Important
Two words for the best Author in this Fandom: .

Btw sorry I reviewed here, I was too lazy to open the last chapter,lol.

Please forgive me iif I did a grammar mistake nor accidentally make you mad.

Keep making great fics, and thank you in advance. :):):):)
10/10/2014 c3 Donny
Wait, if Shaymin would already be willingly be captured after the sex, why didn't he use a regular Poké Ball? This seems like a waste of a very rare Master Ball to me. Other than that it's a really nice chapter. Kudos for the anal sex.
10/11/2014 c15 1GardevoirEmbrace
Gardevoir x gallade please! ;) ummm can you please make someone get pregnant? Even pokemonxhuman. Pleaaseee
10/5/2014 c17 Guest
Great job
9/25/2014 c30 Guest
Loved Avery chapter
9/21/2014 c30 Guest
You deleted the 16th chap so maybe you could do a re-issue! Some pairings:
Male dragonite female snivy
Xerneas X yvetal (you work out genders)
Iris X (haxorus or Fraxure?)
Male oshawott female emolga

Pls consider using my ideas!
9/11/2014 c3 Bob
Everythings great untell you realize shaymin 2 ft
9/9/2014 c13 guest
Fucking late in this damned thing... but " And yes Cythrant, I do take Yu-Gi-Oh! requests. I absolutely adore Yu-Gi-Oh! " Cynthrant if he didn't take yugioh requests or say he adores the show/game why would his name be YamiMarik1994? Yami was one of the names the pharaoh told yugi that he was called and marik is one of the coolest villian in the show! Screw Pegasus and all those other people... though the spirit of the millennium ring was cool... but why did bakura have to be the victim? What was I talking about again?
9/9/2014 c30 Anon
What happened to neverending? Please start doing them again, this is the best fanfic series I've seen!
9/6/2014 c6 pokphiliac
"It's times like this that make me wish I was still an Abra." Hehehe he wants to be unbirthed and birthed by her
9/2/2014 c1 Guest
U suck
8/22/2014 c1 unown
u should do a female virizion and a (person or pokemon) up to u I have only seen virizion in 4 different stories, its like some thing rare, or is it just my luck :/ but any ways can u plz do this.
8/22/2014 c5 Guest
This chapter is great but u should do a chapter with iris and emolga
8/22/2014 c30 Guest
you should use a female Virizion and some thing else I dont care it is rare to find a something with a virizion in it
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