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8/19/2014 c30 Pecabo2
try kyurem x reshiram or zach x gardevoir
8/21/2014 c16 hauntedsoulnumber2
Is it okay if I reupload this chapter on my page? I dowloaded a lot of fanfics to read offline, and yours happens to be one of them. Also, I am not able to read or write private messages, so if you want to answer please e-mail me at sadisticinsanity[ ]
8/17/2014 c30 Tepig Girl
I'm not logged in... Anyway, please someone do this pairing:

Female Ninetales x Male Arcanine
8/5/2014 c30 Pecabo2
try do do kyurem x reshiram and have kyurems personality be a lady's man or gentle man plz and u shouldn't just say that zekrom is the only one who can mate with her since kyurem is 9'10 tall and reshiram is 10'10 tall we'll anyway plz do my idea
8/5/2014 c30 Pecabo2
hay yami I want u to do zach x gardevoir (the zach from the zorua story after part 2 of zach x zorua plz
7/31/2014 c2 Pecapo2
I just had a great idea for a lemon u can do gardevoir x Stan in a hotel room or forest witch ever you choose I just hope u use my idea plz
7/29/2014 c2 Rasmeii
I'm really speakind english like a sh** but... I want to tell you that's was wonderful! I'm going to read the next! (I hope my review is clear...)
7/28/2014 c9 Guest
Can you make a Dawn and Pachirisu?
7/28/2014 c19 Pecabo2
plz make a second part to this and start it off with zach and zoroark heading back to the your my favorite author
7/27/2014 c30 yolo9090
Female milotic mea and boy dragonair pls be a sweet one!
7/27/2014 c19 Pecabo2
plz make a second part to this story plz
7/27/2014 c29 Your fan
Wow,i'm a huge fan of fanfics and honestly,this is one of the best one i've read yet
I love your works 3
7/26/2014 c3 Pecabo2
this is my fav plz make a second part to this one and the zach x zorua/zoroark plz and if ur planing to i support it
7/26/2014 c3 Guest
make a second part to this one plz it's my favorite story
7/25/2014 c19 Guest
plz make a second part plz
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