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7/25/2014 c21 Guest
btw I've noticed that u have some gay and lesbian stories can u not do that because I'm sure that there are others weirded out by this
7/25/2014 c19 Guest
you should make a second part to this story plz it's the best one
7/24/2014 c8 AsstBlaster 9000
i can do one of these in 5 seconds: umbreon used tackle jolteon flew away bonder came out of the sky hit her and imaled here and butt raped to male umbron the end x3
7/25/2014 c16 1Arcadian ArchangelX3
ik u got rid but can u tell me what the pairing was?
7/20/2014 c1 Katarina
Maybe a lucario and lopunny
7/20/2014 c1 Katarina
What about a miolotic girl and a draganair boy
7/20/2014 c30 xXBlack-HauntXx
I agree with BlacJCK. A parring with those two pokemon would be nice and I'm pretty sure there aren't any fics with a purlloin and zorua pairing. So could you please do the pairing. But so far its awesome fanfic this keep up the good work.
7/18/2014 c28 OALOALOAl
yes so would i
7/15/2014 c18 hellhoundalpha
This chapter is one of the best lemons I've read so far. Other than a few spelling misshaps it was great
7/12/2014 c30 BlackJCK
Please do a male Zorua X female Purrloin that turns into a Zoroark and Leiperd... Oh and could you name the Zorua Zorro ( I know... how cliche) and the Purrloin Kit Plz I'm beggin you I've only read 2 fan fics about their pairing please.
7/4/2014 c30 Guest
AWESOME, PLEASE TELL ME THERE's MORE! I really want you to do mine!
7/2/2014 c17 Guest
Lemons...they never stop, they flood fanfics
7/3/2014 c30 strabimonx
I need more of these pairings
6/27/2014 c9 jewel
can you do bunyary and picachu
6/27/2014 c22 pokefan
This comic was A-MA-ZING! I was cracking up when Rebel said "Your powerful predatorily drive is so amusing its almost funny." REALY looking forward to more posts. THANK! ;D
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