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4/15/2014 c29 SkullkidCorvo
Can you make a yaoi one with Banette or Scrafty? :o
4/12/2014 c20 legna.wsit
cool chapter you shoul make another involving may and blaziken
4/7/2014 c3 2spooky
I'm calling fucking bullshit on this, Master Balls can catch any Pokemon (except there's only a one in 65536 chance to fail). Otherwise, terrific story! Just... you know, how does a Shaymin, a quite literal HEDGEHOG, catch a Master Ball and not get caught and stuff?
4/7/2014 c22 gearblade
you shood mack own wif a girl luxray pliz
4/7/2014 c30 Guest
4/7/2014 c5 4EmoUmbreon
i would like a yuri pairing
(lopunnyxgardivour) please if you could i think ou did awesome! i just love your stories! please message me if u could do the pairing EmoUmbreon
3/29/2014 c8 Guest
u write the best fanfics in the world. keep doing a good jirl
3/26/2014 c30 pokefan417
Male Bulbasaur x Jessie
3/20/2014 c13 PokeFan
It looks like Romeo and Julia in Pokwmon
3/14/2014 c13 3Bunny-CarrotHunter
Finally I found a fanfiction with one of favorite Pokepairings. Really nice work on this XD
3/14/2014 c30 Thesatra
How about
Misty x Wild Zoroark
Or maybe
Dawn X Piplup
3/11/2014 c30 Khill
it would be very awesome if you made a continuation to this chapter (zekrom x reshiram) there aren't many stories about them as a couple so it would be really awesome if you did create this as another story or atleast another chapter like an aftermath where they wish to mate again to feel that pleasure again
3/10/2014 c29 SPG-VENOM
all the description that he uses kinda makes me feel like im an lucario (which would be BOSS) btw a different one watching them and just going eeww...while fucking my gf typhlosion IN THE SAME PLACE...what? my fav pkmn is typhlosion :)
3/10/2014 c29 SPG-VENOM
i guess i'll keep a close eye on them lol :) actually, i was just typing in random shit on google but,anyway, this 1 was...OK but it was still a good fan fiction keep up the good work idk :)
3/10/2014 c29 SPG-VENOM
ok,ok wtf just happened lucario was straight and now he is gay? i have a lucario and zoroark in my y and they are both male...
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