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12/19/2018 c7 1messypoets
You should do a separate short story after this chapterit’s super cute and I’d LOVE to read a full story based on thi pls do one for meeeeeee
12/11/2018 c30 Guest
Oh how cute
12/2/2018 c16 5Totem-Mimikyu
11/20/2018 c5 walibizero
néphie / sacha
10/22/2018 c25 Shadow shido
I wish this continued, but I’m satisfied with this I hope zoroark protects her from other predators. Anywhoies, I really enjoyed this yuri... keep up the good work
10/4/2018 c20 Guest
Please do a female trainer and a male Raikou pairing.
Synopsis: The female trainer is trying to catch a legendary pokemon, but is seriously in heat. Her arousal then lures the male Raikou to her. She tries to catch him, but she can't because of the heat, so the raikou takes care of her. After helping her, he allows her to catch him, and join her team.
Please write this story and have Raikou use his large sharp claws to tease and finger her slit instead of him using his rod.
He could also use some electricity on his claws to highly pleasure her.
Plase do this story and I can't wait for you to come back on fanfiction.
10/2/2018 c1 Guest
Could you also do: Male Arcanine x Female Lapras?
And Male Sharpedo x Female Lumineon?
10/2/2018 c30 Guest
Please do Male Arcanine x Female Lapras
9/8/2018 c22 Guest
Luxray's a lion. An appropriate term is feline
8/13/2018 c30 koilover
could you do a male ryhorn x female human
8/13/2018 c23 Guest
Please do a sequel of this chapter!
I like it when Zoroark was fingering Alexis with his claws. and I would like to see more of that.
Also, could you also make Zoroark act like Blaziken in chapter 20.
I would love to see more stories with Zoroark.
Please come back to Fanfiction soon!
P.S: This request is if you didn't get it yesterday.
8/12/2018 c23 Guest
Please do a sequel of Alexis X Zoroark!
I'd enjoyed the claw foreplay with Zoroark and I would love to see more of it.
Also, ignore the hate comments, you're not a pedophile and never believe that.
Love to see you back on Fanfiction soon!
8/5/2018 c16 Bana133
I really like your lemons I have a work in progress in watt pad I’m reading this and getting rid of writers block thanks for all these lemons your very good at masking them I’ really suck at marking them could I have some tips?
8/3/2018 c30 Yulia - Ashninja
And you can make yaoi story, where Greninja was in heat, and only Ash was there? Please!
7/29/2018 c1 Guest
Could you do:
Tyrantrum (male) x Aurorus (female)
Lycanroc (Dusk form, male) x Alolan Ninetales (female)
Goodra (male) x Florgess (female)
Braviary (male) x Unfezant (female)
Talonflame (male)x Articuno (female) or Altaria (female)
Dialga (male) x Arceus (female)
Cyndaquil (male) x Shaymin (Land form, female) -
Quilava (male) x Shaymin (Sky form, female)
Manectric (male) x Delcatty (female)
Cobalion (male) x Virizion (female)
Zebstrika (male) x Rapidash (female)
Tapu Bulu (male) x Tapu Lele (female)
Oshawott (male) x Snivy (female) -
Dewott (male) x Servine (female) -
Samurott (male) x Serperior (female)

I know I think different about shippings.
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