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1/18/2014 c8 Guest
Do a ashXbayleef OK
1/19/2014 c1 dylon133
Just fix some punctuation errors and it would be a perfect story!
1/15/2014 c2 to lazy for name
I have learned from raw experience that when your eye starts twitching at 4a.m. its time to stop the porn and sleep.
12/30/2013 c14 Evan

Can you do one for two other evolutions of Eevee?

12/29/2013 c27 1now a noob
this is a grate chapter i like dawn to btw. I was thinking ash's pikachuXany of ash's female companions(I would like it to be iris but i'm not picky). not many of them and the ones I have seen are not very good so just something to think on.

-Scarlet Sniper
12/19/2013 c15 MaskOTerror
If you also want though, how about a Trainer/Sylveon lemon? Or even a Gengar/Mismagius lemon?
12/18/2013 c30 4DoubleMango2020
How about this Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Buneary do it please
12/14/2013 c30 UmbreonTrainer
If this is still going, and if time permits, would it be possible for a little group tale of sorts involving Flareon, Espeon, Jolteon and Umbreon? They can be a mixture of genders or all the same, but if you choose this idea I would be grateful.
12/14/2013 c30 MaskOTerror
We don't have very many Froslass lemons, so how about this: While a human named Jason was going home after shopping, he notices a Hydreigon attacking a Froslass (named Yuki). Jason rescues Froslass and takes her home to heal her injuries. The next morning, Yuki wakes up after Jason and she decides to "reward him".
12/14/2013 c1 MaskOTerror
I have a lemon. Its about a OC named Jason when he rescues a Froslass *named Yuki* from a Hydreigon and Jason takes Yuki home to heal her injuries. The next morning, Yuki decides to "reward" him.
12/14/2013 c1 MaskOTerror
Hey I got a great lemon. How about a OC character named Jason and a Froslass named Yuki? Jason rescues Yuki from a Hydreigon after his Gengar uses Focus Blast on the Hydreigon, then Jason then takes Yuki home to heal her up and the next morning Yuki decides to "reward him." The rest is up to you.
12/14/2013 c23 Guest
can u do a (male)Blaziken x Zoroark(female) please
12/14/2013 c17 Purplesunrisedragon
wow amazing my two favorite pokemon in one together wow
12/13/2013 c30 5ShadowLDrago
Hehe, very nice, I never usually give much thought to Legendaries or Unova but this is very well written, maybe you could try a Zoroark x Lucario perhaps? I unederstand if you don't want to or can't, I don't mind, but since they are of similar build, I thought it would be a good pairing, a pairing that is.
12/12/2013 c30 6thvincent
These are all very good, but you haven't added any more, are they finished?
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