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11/29/2017 c13 Random PRSN 087
I like zangoose and seviper. I like pokemon romances. But most of all, I like zangoose and seviper romances. I give it a OVER 9000/10.
11/28/2017 c29 Guest
So when he starts chasing "her", "her aura is blue, but in the den it's different, k Lol.
11/26/2017 c27 SuperSlut
Pls make another like this made me so horny
Pls do Dragonite (boy) X Iris X Axew (girl).
Wish I was as lucky as Dawn
11/22/2017 c17 Iris
Love it. I love Espeon and Umbreon Love Stories. :) pls do more
11/21/2017 c18 Iris
Ninetails are really pretty :)
11/21/2017 c17 Iris
It's so sweet. You should keep on making more of these. Shade X Shine, perfect couple. :)
Espeon x Umbreon :)
11/10/2017 c16 The Riddler
Crud. You just piqued my curiosity.
11/8/2017 c17 Guest
God, that espeon must have cum out half her body weight xD
11/3/2017 c13 x
Very good use of the ...

please resume your stories
11/1/2017 c8 Mickey55
Loved this chapter, super hot!
10/26/2017 c5 11KindnessandCreativityLovechild
Can you do a Male Eevee x a Female Vulpix? And can it be so that the two belong to two trainers, with the other Pokémon teasing Noth of them and the Vulpix has had a crush on Eevee?
10/18/2017 c30
Omg Best Thang
Do Vanillite X Litwick
;) ;) ;)
10/18/2017 c30 Pokemonlover154
OMG! That was sooooo AMAZING! If made see pokemon breeding in a different way now. I always knew that they were ment for each they need each other and they love each other Zekrom and Reshiram are my favorite legendries ever since the pokemon game black and white came out. YamiMarik1994 you keep doing what you do I'll be supporting you all the way. It's just...WOW you can be an amazing pokemon book writer and if you ever do a pokemon book like this I'll be sure to be first in line at that place where you sell it to buy it and get your autograph. Just keep doing what your good at and you'll sure succeed I'll be rooting for you.
10/15/2017 c7 OH MY
10/9/2017 c30 Lavendex
Did you meant back face or black face in one of the parts?
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