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10/8/2017 c7 Rohan RookeWoode
10/8/2017 c5 Rohan RookeWoode
Best pokemon yuri ever
9/21/2017 c1 3litterateur-of-art
for when you start writing again:DO MEW X ASH'S PIKACHU
9/16/2017 c1 8TheJoyStickPlayer
Ok, Please do a LopunnyXLucario, Alola NinetailsXNinetails, and maybe a LilligantXLeavenny? I like these ships, idk if you like them too, but I'd appreciate it.
9/11/2017 c8 Guest
Think you could do a female ninetails and a male luxray set in explores of sky?
9/5/2017 c1 North 44
Youre storys are very intriguing but its cool to see that u appriciate this and im glab u have many supporters i hope u go far bingo bongo!
9/4/2017 c30 Guest
Hiatus still? Its been 6years. Whatever. Keep up the great work!
8/24/2017 c29 9Lunala the Night Bat
that's a first, seeing Lucario be unwilling and then by the end actually like having Zoroark in him like that.
8/20/2017 c18 Charizard-bot
Wow Yamimarik1994! You did awesome! I hope ya make more of these! Charizard-bot signing out! Peace! B-)
8/22/2017 c23 Lunala the Night Bat
I love Zoroark too. I think it's my spirit animal, lol
7/16/2017 c30 Eeeeeeeeee
YESSS! I love it! I LLLLLOVE IT! The ship has sailed! The genders of the legendaries match each other PERFECTLY! The detail, stellar, remarkable, stunning! I give it a STAR RATING! Enough stars to make a second Galaxy!
7/10/2017 c13 Guest
the names are cute also a story is wonderful! I can't write so well. the background, emotion, verbal sentence, action, and grammer. I wanted to write too but I'm having comunication problems verbally and writing a story is harder. I'm autistic and amazed your chapter. *gives two thumbs up*
7/8/2017 c26 Blue Diamond
Can you write a Male!Gallade x Male!Lucario? I've been trying to find a fanfic about them. Btw, love your stories! 3
7/6/2017 c27 Hey you
You should do decuideyeXmewtwo
7/3/2017 c25 Rather not state
Well may you do a female lopunny X male zangoose?
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