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9/5/2010 c17 17An Ordinary Fan
Ah, the joys of sweet and sensual romance! I must say, you've outdone yourself this time; looks like all the effort you put into this was worth it. I think this was your best chapter yet, and I can't wait to see what wonderful couple you'll write about next!
9/4/2010 c7 Ladida320
I've read like all 17 chapters ya got up so far and I gotta say I love this one the most, ya did such a good job on it!

I seriously hope ya plan on making a 'morning after' sequel to this. Dawn coming back to find Luxray and the 2 of them going at it again sounds really good to me XD Maybe even having her catch Luxray since they are kinda mates now.

Anyway awesome job, keep up the good work!
9/4/2010 c12 UltimateRyu
Hmm...Interesting Story Line,although not one of my favriotes it is still a good piece of work here,I like how you listed certain curses for Ninetails, I was always curios as to what would happened if you got curse by one...sounds more like a pleasure then a curse :D
9/4/2010 c17 5Twilight- The Moon Spirit
I'm the kind of person who believes the story is what makes the lemon and that was awesome. I especially liked the part where he was running from the avalanche. The song Saint John by We are the Fallen fits that part alot.
9/4/2010 c17 4Speedfreaker
Very sweet, I loved this chappy ^^

The whole set is nice, but can I request?

How about Lucario, named Luke, and a Gardevoir? Make it naughty so it'll be more fun to read ^^

9/4/2010 c17 UltimateRyu
YamiMarik, I am very impressed with your storys,they never cease to amaze and satisfy me,My favriote chapter so far is the Seviper and Zangoose paring,to me if your doing somthing that shouldent be done,then that makes oh so much more sexier XD,Ive added you to my favriote authors.Well anyways keep up the good work with your spiffing chapters oh and Im interested in a Raichu/Pikachu lemon ;)

P.S could you please let me know when you can get that Delia/Ash fic up? that would be most appreciated
9/3/2010 c17 Anonymous
Can you do one about an eevee (Jade) who ran away from an abusive family (in the wild) and gets adopted by a family who owns a socially oblivious (childish/silly) shinx, who the eevee falls in love with? It's been my favorite idea for a long time but I suck at writing :( And obviously don't forget the lemon ;) Thanks in advance!
9/3/2010 c17 Fake Norris
I've waited so long for this moment...and it's finally arrived!

Yay! A great story. Unfortunately, yo forgot the Chuck Norris reference... But what the hell? Great job. Luvin it forever and ever.

A trainer? Didn't see that coming. And the plot wasn't exactly what I expected. But that couldn't have been better than this! So good! I wuv u!

And by far the longest one. I can't thank you enough! If there's anything I can do, tell me.

-Fake Norris
9/3/2010 c17 20Zaru
Hot stuff, can't wait for the next.
9/1/2010 c16 Cinderella Amber
When you get a moment, could you write one for me about a female trainer and her male Dusknoir?

Rei - A quiet sixteen year-old brunette who has been raised by ghost pokemon in a secluded house just west of Ecruteak. Doesn't like other humans, but has no problem getting along with pokemon. She hates herself for it, but she can't deny that she has very strong feelings for her Dusknoir.

Dusknoir - An intelligent, reserved ghost who goes by the nickname "Yono," which was given to him by Rei. He acted as a protective, almost-fatherly figure to Rei for most of her life and then started to feel... unusual feelings around her in more recent years.

Bleh, it's lame, I know. It'd probably be better if I wasn't half-asleep right now...

I know you're probably busy with numerous other stories, but if you could fit this one in somewhere, I'd really appreciate it. I've read almost all of your stories and I can easily say that you're one of the best authors on this site. I'd love to see what you could do with this pairing.

Let me know. Thank you! :)
9/1/2010 c16 17An Ordinary Fan
Hey, how's it going? I doubt you'd remember me, especially since I haven't had a chance to review this story since Chapter 7. I'm impressed that you could write so much during the summer vacation; if I had your focus, I could probably have a book published by now.

Anyways, after reading through Chapters 8-16, I thought that the Seviper X Zangoose was your best yet. It's not a common pairing, it was written well, and I just loved how sweet the whole thing was. As for your worst so far, it's no contest; I'd say it's the fairly recent Chapter 16. You've had other chapters where one participant in the affair is dominated by the other, but this just lacked the necessary element of compassion previous pairings had.

Now that that's said and done with, I'd just like to say that I'm wishing you the best of luck. You've written some wonderful chapters in the past, and I hope to see more of that great talent soon.

P.S. This might sound a bit selfish, especially since there's many others waiting for their idea to be crafted by your fingertips, but I do hope you eventually get around to that Misdreavus (F) x Shuppet (F) yuri I suggested in my review for Chapter 5. If you'd like me to assist your creative process in any way, feel free to send me a PM.
8/31/2010 c16 LucaFan
Nice one! Love it! XD

You should make a sequel to this one involving Dawn's pokemorph daughter. It would be a good chance for a hurt/comfort kind of thing (I always liked those best), cuz, c'mon, she's half Pokemon, she's gotta have a tough life. Maybe she'd find a nice guy who likes her in spite of her history, and then things get hot from there.

Or, who knows, you could just go for a general plotless lemon involving a pokemorph girl who just happens to be Dawn's daughter from this fic. Bottom line, you need to make another pokemorph story, and basing it off a fic you've already written.

... Just a thought...
8/30/2010 c14 11ChaoticCrazy
Nice stories, but have you tried making a story that has a Mystery Dungeons background to it?
8/30/2010 c1 4Seraphinite
You could one about a girl named Tiarra and her newly eveoloed charizard after they get into a battle.
8/29/2010 c16 RandomCoolPerson
Honestly, this chapter wasn't as good as the other ones.
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