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8/5/2010 c6 5Dark Tail Rabbit
ice,odd but still nicely written. i liked the ideas that you came up with to use on this pair. it was an odd never before written couple but i think you did it justic. nice job.
8/5/2010 c5 Dark Tail Rabbit
well yet another awesome fic. don't worry this was really good quality i loved it! well i'm a big fan of yuri so...i suggest raichu X Furret. i was p;aning on doing a lemon collection but instead i'll just sugget pairings your work is os better than mine. great job!
8/5/2010 c1 84Clare
I noticed no-one had suggested any human/Pokemon yaoi, so I thought I'd try to come up with a possible scenario.

Here's what I've come up with:

A male trainer has an male Electivire he's raised from an Elekid - if you decide to do this, I'll leave the trainer's name up to you. Anyway, the trainer and his Electivire have been growing progressively closer since the Electivire evolved until, while camping in the forest one night, they realise they want to have sex - with each other. I'd prefer it if the Electivire was the one "on top", but it's your choice.
8/5/2010 c2 TangibleDarkness
i loves it! do u think u can do something with an arcanine?
8/3/2010 c6 2mamading
Your stories are good, and your takes on things such as pokemon heat and even pregnancy are... interesting, to say the least. You are quite literally the only author I enjoy reading only lemons from... which is a very small group, but still. Keep doing what you do, and I'll keep on reading. Oh, by the, I have a sugestion that i would love to see, so I will PM you it.
8/3/2010 c6 Cythrant
Quite good chapters, 2 and 6.(I'm not into Pokemon×Pokemon). My request would be Dawn and Infernape. Dawn is caught pleasuring herself secretly at night, by Ash's Infernape. Staying true to his fiery nature, he goes wild and makes her his. Make him be very dominant, setting up many exotic sex positions that show his strength(like holding Dawn upside down by her legs, and eating her out, or the piledriver position). Dawn is hesitant at first, but later can't get enough of Infernape's domination, begging for more and more. I'm not sure if you do threesomes, so I wasn't going to ask for Ash's involvement, but if you do, you can somehow include him, as well.
8/2/2010 c6 5Twilight- The Moon Spirit
He almost failed XD

Also my request is in my last review just in case you only read the reviews from he latest chapters
8/2/2010 c5 Twilight- The Moon Spirit
That was quite good in my opinion. Also I like your writing style and I'm always a fan for pokeXhuman/poke fics.

Would you mind if I left a suggestion?

It's about a boy named Felix (18) who was a soilder in a pokemon war. He was driven near insanity on the first day though because of how cruelly the sopilders treated their pokemon and he ran. He gets away when a mysterious pokemon helps him. Two years later he's trying to get over the memories when the same pokemon, a female mew (virgin and named Anna (it means fun-loving)), comes to help him. He catches her at the end of the story.
8/2/2010 c6 2justin2019
YAY ^^

Thanks Yami! I'm looking forward to it!

This chapter was really god by the way, Sabrina/Kadabra is definitely a new one!
8/2/2010 c6 Don Svelte
could you do one of a nurse joy

who's alone and bored at the pokecenter one night and decides to

have some fun with an Ariados that was left overnight? (I'm weird, i love stuff with bug pokemon.)
8/2/2010 c6 10MarioDS01
Good story there. Too bad it takes place in a world not wanting humans and Pokemon having romantic nor sexual relationships. But good story all in all.

I hope to see my requests sometime, but take your time on them and you can always surprise me on how you can do them, heck you can mix them up or make one or more into a longer story if you have to. Just giving you suggestions.
7/31/2010 c5 17An Ordinary Fan
I see that you're trying quite hard, but there are still a few noticable errors here and there. For example, in this chapter, you have 'a smell sigh' when I think you meant 'a small sigh'. Spellcheck is a wonderful tool, but sometimes, it's best to read through on your own and check if words spelt correctly make sense in context.

Other then that (which is more common a mistake among fanfic writers than you might think, actually), I've rather enjoyed reading this. You're trying new things, and I think you're doing well at them. And I have no doubt that you'll improve yourself and get even better with more experience, so just keep going until you lose your muse.

...I should probably leave a request of some sort here. Something about Misdreavus (F) x Shuppet (F) yuri? I think this'll be the kind of interesting story you'd be interested in, especially with the lack of limbs. Gives a reason to focus more on emotions, right? As for character descriptions, I'd like it if they were both pranksters with a hobby of scaring humans. As for unique habits, the Shuppet could be a ditz that loves to play, while the Misdreavus is more serious and worries about things too much.

Oh, and have a wonderful evening! ...Or morning, or whenever you read this review.
7/31/2010 c5 4Princess Shirona
Great chapter! I suggest that in the next one you should do Dawn and Empoleon? That would be great. Or maybe Cynthia and Garchomp? That would be cool. Keep up the good work!

7/31/2010 c5 projectx619
what about one involving pikachu and togetic (Pokeshipping)
7/31/2010 c4 1StarWarsFrakes
This is one of the most interesting Yaoi Pokemon stories you've created. I love Typhlosion and Lucario; they do make a good couple. Lucario's anus is going to be sore for awhile, though.

I would like to request my own Yaoi story (Pokemon(M)XPokemon(M)).

I suggest a Feraligatr/Ampharos pairing. Here's some background info about them:

* they both know each other since childhood.

* The Feraligatr, when he was a Totodile, saved the Ampharos, when he was a Mareep, from drowning in the ocean near a beach in Johto . The reason Mareep was in the water in the first place will be your choice. Make it embarrassing!;)

* Ampharos left Feralgatr a couple years ago because he wanted to explore Johto.

* Feraligatr still has *feelings* for Ampharos. Ampharos returns, but, here's a twist, he already has a child (Male Mareep) of his own; however, he's still single. The reason for spouse's absence can be either left a mystery or your imagination.

* Feraligatr comes on to Ampharos through certain comments such as "My, my, your rosey cheeks look cozy on the dry sand (and I don't mean his face)".

* For the sex scene: have them use their tails for sexual arousal. Oral/Anal (prefer Anal), but your choice.

Well, hope I didn't restrict your creative view on my possible story idea. If you do make it into a story, give yourself plenty of time. I will wait. Thanks.
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