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7/30/2010 c5 Pyrowolf
Overall, very good stories. Don't have any jipes about them, but do have a couple of requests:

F LeafeonXM Absol

F HumanXM Ursaring

Don't have any other details than that to mention, so if you do take one(or both) as a request, just go with it!
7/30/2010 c5 4Seraphinite
What about a Luxray and Dawn/ Hikari? Anyway nice story
7/30/2010 c1 Annonymous
Could you possibly do something involving all the eeveelutions? Especially Glaceon[F] X Flareon[M]. =D
7/29/2010 c4 I Am Who I Am Which Is Me
Awesome Yaoi.
7/29/2010 c2 Catgirl129
nice writing style, and i commend you for your nice collection of little one-shots. As for a suggestion, might i be able to ask for a fluffy and lovey human(F)xGengar(M) one ^w^ (brownie points go for extra loveyness w) If you don't get to this suggestion, i totaly get it. As a fanfic writer myself, i know how it feels to get hoarded with a ton of suggestions X
7/29/2010 c5 15veemon657
holy crap very very well writtenkudo's to you my friend
7/29/2010 c5 2justin2019

i got another request:

a pikachu(male) and a skitty(female)

I also still want to see my original request:

Flareon(female) x glaceon(female) x human(male)

i built a small story you can use for it

the flareon and glaceo are sisters and the human saved then when they were eevees and now they want to pay him back
7/29/2010 c4 Dragonfang20
Pretty good. No, it was real good. I give you a 10 of 10:)
7/28/2010 c5 1Nauran
No doubt about it. You've got skills in lemon writing.

This was a very good yuri story IMO. Everything about it was well-detailed and put together perfectly. Don't worry about your yuri writing. It's amazing.

My requested yuri pairing would be Cynthia and Solidad (20somethingShipping)... Yes, that's the name. Funny, huh?.
7/28/2010 c4 2Darin N Wolf
Well...I usually don't read these type of stories, but...what the hell. I like this. I personally like the Misty/Charizard pairing very much...and I might have a pairing for you as well.

Originally I wanted to request a TotalEclipseShipping (Dawn/Darkrai) but then again...I always wanted to see a certain pairing I don't believe anyone here has thought about. I don't know if it'll seem boring to you...but whatever.

Pairing Time: Miku Hatsune X Lucario.(just type Vocaloid or her name on youtube to find out who she is...or wiki)

Miku Hatsune; A famous and well known singer/trainer that had just finished the johto league and was currently taking a boat to Sinnoh to both try and beat the league over there and appear at a concert to sing. Accompanying her was her beloved and loyal trust worthy Pokemon, Elio; a male Lucario that had also shared the same wonderful singing gift as his master...or in this case crush. He has had this burning love for his master for so long, ever since they first met when they were but mere children. Just by hearing her lovely voice would always and immediately send him into a world of pure joy and pleasure; a trance if you will. And usually once he's in this usually would end up having him do idiotic and humiliating thing, like bump into a wall, or fall off a cliff...or better yet accidentally proclaiming his love to Miku AFTER a certain concert, backstage.

Miku Hatsune:




Height/158 cm(5'3")

Weight/42 kg(92.4 lbs)

Hair/ (Not sure how to describe her hair but...) Cyan color hair (just type down her name on google image)

Eye color/Blue





Height/Same as miku's

Weight/Same as miku's

eye color/Ember red

and thats all, hope to see your next ch.

7/28/2010 c4 Sandslasher
FINALLY! I was looking forward to the day I would see two of my favorite pokemon appear in a yaoi story!

Well written! Sometimes the dialogue has a simple basis and some weird formulations but the story itself had enough detail about environment and characters.

So far so good! Time for my own request:

ZangooseXSandslashXScyther (All males) Threesome Yaoi

I had Team "Razor Wind" from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 in mind. They really deserve more attention.
7/27/2010 c4 11KeruKeru
This was definately better than my version. XD

The lemon was better than mine too. I've never been good with writing lemon.

Anyway, great chapter.
7/27/2010 c4 2justin2019
Not bad

Again I request a Flareon(Female)xGlaceon(female)xhuman(male) threesome :)
7/27/2010 c3 10MarioDS01
i think you did a good job this this story, pretty good for a first time between a human and a Pokemorph. Can't wait to see more of this!
7/27/2010 c1 15veemon657
good one
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