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7/26/2010 c3 pokemonloverXD
The story is great, so far I love all 3 chapters, good job. I'd love to see a TyphlosionxLyra
7/26/2010 c3 Dragonfang20
Damn. Now that's what i a one-shot. Sorry about the language.
7/25/2010 c2 Pica
Oops! I forgot to mention this: apparently, because of her eyes, Lenora reminds the albino Latios of a Latias he had a crush on before she was kiled.

Oh, and the Latios doesn't shapeshift or have telepathy or anything like that.
7/25/2010 c2 Pica
OK, I have one:

Human X Latios (Albino)

Human's Name: Lenora

Gender: Female

Age: About 17-18

Hair Color: Strawberry Blond

Eye Color: Jade Green

Pokemon: Weepinbell (mentioned)

She has no relatives; she's an orphan

Latios's Name: Orion (eventually, prior to that, he's known as the White Phantom)

Gender: Male (obviously)

Age: adult

Eye Color: Red

Skin: White (not even a triangle)

Let's see about scenario...girl's walking along the beach at night while her Pokemon are recovering, and the Latios kidnaps her and takes her back to where he lives (on a small island)

That's all I'll say. ;)
7/25/2010 c2 15veemon657
gerat story 9.8/10
7/24/2010 c2 4The Lone Gamer151
Wow. Just wow. I just couldn't imagine it better. And as to your addition to do anthromorphs, I have an idea, how about a Flygon(M) and Lucario(not an anthro, and can force the chest spike into her body).

7/23/2010 c2 2justin2019
can you make a 3-some? female flareon, a female glaceon, and a male human?
7/23/2010 c2 1Nauran
You are one of the best pokemon lemon writers I've seen. Possibly the best.

I'm more of a straight Ash-shipper or yuri fan, so anything in those categories woudl be good.

But just do what you do.
7/23/2010 c1 Dark gallade
can you do a yuri fic of two loppuny, mother and daughter?
7/22/2010 c1 1LyonJohnson
i like it


male squirtle 3some with female charizard and female venasaur

nidoqueen and a ditto who searched the word for a nidoking to transform into to fuck her

female rattata and female pidgey oral

female bellsprout giving aa trainer a blowjob so he doesn't catch her and take her away from her boyfriend who is a gloom
7/22/2010 c1 seve4
do you do pokemorphs

i like the story and want to request

lugia pokemorph(male)xlatias(female)

the setting would be rain in a forest a lugia pokemorph named jake finds a nice area near a lake and decides to set camp. as soon as he finishes making food an ace trainer takes him on with a latias that is obviously mistreated and abused. the trainer loses easily claims he has no money to give him and blames the latias for the loss. jake gets in the way of the trainer and says that instead of payment he should give his latias. the ace gets mad and fights jake with a serviper and meganium both are defeated and the trainer takes back his pokemon and runs. the latias is first scared of the trainer but quickly develops feelings for him amount of time later they bond and become a great team the latias wants to tell her feelings but thinks he will regect her dundundaa. you can creat the rest
7/22/2010 c1 11KeruKeru
Okay, my suggestion is a TyphlosionxLucario pairing. They're both males, so it'll be a yaoi.

They're best freinds, but Lucario has always wanted something more from Typhlosion than just friendship. Lucario is always blunt, except when it comes to this particular subject. He knows he's gay, but he always thought that Typhlosion would hate him if he ever came out, so he's kept his sexuallity and attraction from Typhlosion for so long.

Typhlosion is a shy type of Pokemon except when he's around Lucario. Lucario just brings out the best in him. Typhlosion knows it's because he's in love with Lucario, but he's never said anything because he always assumed that Lucario was straight, so he added that to his list of things to never tell. (btw, that list only has that secret on it. lol)

I was thinking that the story could start out where they're walking through the forest and it starts raining. Since Typhlosion's a fire type he doesn't do well in rain, so Lucario finds them both a cave and they stay the night there. I'll leave the rest to you.
7/22/2010 c1 1Mister Unsmiley
Not too bad! If it isn't too much trouble, I have two requests: Gardevoir (female) and human (male), and Lopunny (female) with a Lucario (male).
7/22/2010 c1 4The Lone Gamer151
Alright! I got first review! I your detailed desriptions and passion. ^ . ^ If possible could you do a Misty and Charizard one, since there's so few of them.

7/22/2010 c1 10MarioDS01
Nice first story to your Pokemon Romance stuff. I'm actually curious what their child would look like with this mixed pairing. I guess it is a sort of request, just use your imagination.

I think I can come up with several requests easily. My guess it will be mostly HumanxPokemon. Just curious, can the Pokemon be Pokemorphs (Anthro Pokemon in Human like form)? This would make it easier for the humans have a relationship with a Pokemon. Also can there be transformations as well like Pokemon becoming Pokemorphs, Humans becoming Pokemon or Pokemorphs?

Well, good luck with my first request. Also, good luck on the Castlevania fanfic and the Tiny Toons one. If you are starting to lose interest with those fanfics, I'm OK with it, you can go back to them later and it will give you more time.
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