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for Neverending Pokemon Romances

7/22/2010 c1 1Mister Unsmiley
Not too bad! If it isn't too much trouble, I have two requests: Gardevoir (female) and human (male), and Lopunny (female) with a Lucario (male).
7/22/2010 c1 4The Lone Gamer151
Alright! I got first review! I your detailed desriptions and passion. ^ . ^ If possible could you do a Misty and Charizard one, since there's so few of them.

7/22/2010 c1 10MarioDS01
Nice first story to your Pokemon Romance stuff. I'm actually curious what their child would look like with this mixed pairing. I guess it is a sort of request, just use your imagination.

I think I can come up with several requests easily. My guess it will be mostly HumanxPokemon. Just curious, can the Pokemon be Pokemorphs (Anthro Pokemon in Human like form)? This would make it easier for the humans have a relationship with a Pokemon. Also can there be transformations as well like Pokemon becoming Pokemorphs, Humans becoming Pokemon or Pokemorphs?

Well, good luck with my first request. Also, good luck on the Castlevania fanfic and the Tiny Toons one. If you are starting to lose interest with those fanfics, I'm OK with it, you can go back to them later and it will give you more time.
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