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for Series 1: Chapter 2: The Truth Revealed

8/13/2010 c12 nerdwonder
Awesome xD

7/27/2010 c11 nerdwonder
I get the daggers :D lol good chapter

7/26/2010 c10 nerdwonder
:D I find this chapter funny XD

7/22/2010 c9 nerdwonder
LOL I love me in this story xD good job!

7/22/2010 c5 Johnny R.R.X.K.B.T.H. Dread
I see... Jr was always the brother, I remember that, I steal nothing (:D) But if that's the way you feel about your REAL father, I don't know how you could like with yourself Kristen -_-
7/22/2010 c8 nerdwonder
xD I love how we fight stuff "just like back at home" XD and how I sound country XD

7/22/2010 c7 nerdwonder

7/22/2010 c6 nerdwonder
XD I like padres good job :D

7/22/2010 c5 nerdwonder
Lol! XD

7/22/2010 c4 nerdwonder
Save the sarcasm XD I love how we just follow him into the woods :P lol it's good :D

7/22/2010 c3 nerdwonder
Yay I'm a stealer! LOL XD good job :D

7/22/2010 c2 nerdwonder
Again it's awesome! Lol I love m line XD

7/22/2010 c1 nerdwonder
Awesome! Again-

I have a map! :D

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