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4/7/2012 c1 2the dude person
This is a great story. As a fan of all things Mandalorian, this story caught my eye. I was surprised to find that it used none of Karen Traviss's Mando'a (the Mandalorian language in the Republic Commando novels), but rather sold the Mandalorian effect in other ways.

I suppose one has to do quite a bit of digging on this site to find truly great work, but for this story, it was certainly worth it. It made for a great read. So great in fact, that it may be one of my favorite fanfictions I've read.

I like the idea for the "crowbar," and I think the characters you wrote were very individual, and very real. The feel of the entire piece is fantastic, I really enjoyed your unique writing style.

Very nicely done. I know this was written quite a while ago, but I hope you get this review anyway.
8/8/2010 c1 12LongLiveTheClones
Great story! Totally captured the spirit of the Mandalorians!

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