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4/5/2018 c8 2acetwolf94
12/28/2016 c8 Kay
Yes that end was definitely good. Please continue this, I miss it :'(
11/21/2016 c8 Guest
Okay, you have a good idea. But this is messy, too much going on, and the only interesting storyline is Luna & The Joker. If you're still interested in this story. I'd start again but just focus on those 2.
7/21/2015 c8 Guest
Ginny the badass
7/20/2015 c8 1ThePaintedHand
Batman? What is *sounds if talking through gravel* Baaatmaahn?
Seriously? You don't know who I am?
2/20/2015 c8 1Christineoftheopera
1/1/2015 c8 11NotBatman52
Did you watch how Batman should have ended by HISHE on Youtube? Because then the last sentence would have totally made sense. :)
12/20/2014 c8 32whotellsyourstory
This is really good. I'm loving your story so far, but are you going somewhere with the Catwoman? I'm just wondering because I realize you probably wrote that before the third movie came out, maybe?
11/28/2014 c8 16FluffySheepLion
Please do an omake of some 'I'm batman' idiots going "I'm batman" "No I'm batman!" repeatedly back and forth like buzz lightyear from toy story 2.
1/14/2014 c6 Ms.Magic
I wonder why the joker hasn't killed her yet
1/14/2014 c4 Ms.Magic
"Bueller?" I just about died! XD
7/21/2013 c7 Let's Skip The Goodbye
Oh my gosh, please update this! I can't tell you how hilarious and immensely enjoyable it has been to read. Like seriously, I've been reading it on holiday by the pool and the bit where some Slytherin said 'Bueller' made burst into fits of laughter and like ten complete strangers just turned to stare at me and give me these dirty looks. It was funny but so embarrassing. Also, it's really well written which is so unbelievably important in a HP/Batman cross overs. Like, literally I have been trying to find a good one for so long and I finally found yours and almost cried when I realised there were only seven chapters. So seriously, update soon because this story has great potential!
6/30/2013 c7 8SapphireSecret
So, I realize it has been like...a year, actually a bit more than that, but how do you feel about updating? This is seven chapters worth of hilarity, and I would greatly appreciate it if it were continued.
6/27/2013 c7 4Ash-Bookworm113
:) great to know this fic is alive...when you wrote that I had an image of the computer coming to life and someone screaming..."IT'S ALIVE"

great chapter!
6/27/2013 c4 Ash-Bookworm113
ha ha ha bueller...beuller...beuller...love that movie! you just hit top of awesome authors list by using that comment!
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