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6/9/2019 c7 7Sunspot101
I really love this story so far, keep up the good work. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
12/5/2017 c8 4Loveforwolves143
I hope you continue this I really like where it it going
4/20/2016 c8 1itachi.naruto47
This is a good story hope the next chapters came soon.
2/22/2016 c8 4CarmensCat
I hope life gets better for you, I normally don't review for people but I hope this will make your day. I almost lost the closest person to me a year ago, and she's still not totally recovered. My mom almost died in a horse accident on a farm in fielding Utah. Four broken ribs... Collapsed lung... But its all good, I hope this makes your day a little brighter, even if it was kind of a while ago...
12/19/2015 c8 4TheBlindMusician
I've been loving this story very much. I know a lot of sign language, so if you need help, I can help. If I don't know the sign, I can look it up. :)

Sorry about the death of your grandpa, but at least he passed away with people knowing he served to help our country. :)
12/4/2015 c8 Aelin101
Please update! ! ! ! ! !
11/28/2015 c8 josecullenforever
i'm so sorry about what happened to you, know that we all understand, i only ask you to not forget this story. it's really really good!
8/4/2015 c8 rpattzgirl08
I am sorry for your loss. Update when you can because this story is awesome
8/3/2015 c8 Shadowhunterlover 00
Plz update soon! This story is very addicting!
1/29/2015 c8 10yeecing
I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa and I hope you and your family are alright. Please feel free to update whenever it's convenient to you! This is an amazing story and I can't wait to know what happens next!
4/25/2014 c8 Guest
That's so sad that almost made me cry and I hate crying that's why I don't cry. So when is the next story coming up
4/12/2014 c7 DutchGirl01
Great story, I hope you have time for a new chapter?
7/24/2013 c8 Guest
continue this story!
12/7/2012 c8 2booksxforxlife
I love this story and am sorry for your loss. Are you planning on posting anymore?
6/23/2012 c8 Tdog
Are you still going to write more? This story is one of the best on this web site plz write more
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