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8/23/2010 c9 15ariex04
This story is really interesting. I'm curious to see where you go with it.
8/22/2010 c9 jenilee
Things aren't looking too good for Sammy. Wonder if they'll call the cops. Well at least John, Bobby and Dean now know where Sam may be and are headed his way. Who knows Sammy may need help breaking out of jail.. LOL
8/22/2010 c9 BranchSuper
Sounds like Sam is not doing so good here, maybe chivalry should die. Now the cavalry, i.e. John, Dean and Bobby, had better get there quickly.

By the way, where I live it's Monday now... ;)
8/17/2010 c8 BranchSuper
Well, I guess that Sam is not being held by Raver... He's on a hunt for a murderous cult of humans instead. And not doing so well. Who's this Valerie? Why is Sam on the news as a fugitive? And he has to check his missed calls for that ID.
8/17/2010 c8 WinchesterPrincess
I wish your chapters were longer I love this story! It has such a great premise, I can't wait to see Dean's reaction when it all comes out.
8/16/2010 c7 4LvSammy
this is awesome! please tell me you'll update it soon. Please!
8/15/2010 c7 Janie7819
Nice chapter. I feel bad for Raver when they catch up with him.

Keep up the updates!
8/14/2010 c7 2SMA33
Yay hopefully Sams in the next chap you never told us why he's useing his real last name though I'm guessing that because he knows that johns not his uncle and deans his brother but I dunno. Can't wait for the next chap! Plz update soon!
8/14/2010 c7 5vampyfreak
I'm liking the fic
8/13/2010 c7 37cold kagome
John. Is a asshole! is Dean going. To be happy. That. His baby. Brother. Is alive.

Can't. Wait. For wit happened. Next!

So john know that Sam. Is his son?
8/13/2010 c7 MinKattMossy
Yes, feels like we're finally moving forward, so that the boys get to meet soon... =) I'm way excited, and would probably rant about it for awhile, but it's two a.m over here, and I have to get up at like seven... =( But it was a great chapter nonetheless! =D
8/13/2010 c7 Guest
I'm very curious to see how Sam's going to react to seeing John and Dean.

That Raver is one sneaky bugger. The boy's all better watch their backs.
8/11/2010 c6 BranchSuper
Some Sam back story coming up soon, hmmm? Because like John I'm itching to find out how Sam ended up hunting when he was supposed to be sheltered from it by his aunt. Good chapter - that's our Bobby alright!
8/11/2010 c6 Janie7819
This is a great find!

Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to what the reactions are going to be when everyone meets up. I wonder how that is going to happen...
8/11/2010 c6 MinKattMossy
Oh joy for a new, long chapter! =) I loved the way you write John, a lot of people make him out to be so heartless just because he made Sam and Dean go into hunting, but he's just doing the best he can to keep them safe... Great job on that really, and Bobby was good too. I think a lot of people tend to mess him up, but this felt really authentic! =D And I am getting more and more excited about the boys finally meeting again! =) And maybe some protectiveDean, my favorite kind...? =) Oh well, we'll just see when we get there. =D
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