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8/10/2010 c6 GinxMe
I'm really looking forward to seeing Dean's reaction when he finally finds out Sam's his brother. I wonder, did he ever suspect? Did Sam? It figures that even when John leaves Sam to a normal life (or as normal as it can be), he still ends up hunting.

I'm really glad I stumbled upon this fic! I'm not in the Supernatural fandom much anymore, so I'm happy that I found this. I think this is a really awesome fic and I've never seen this idea done before, so I'm really interested to see where you go with this! =D
8/10/2010 c6 jenilee
Well John sure has got himself up the creek. It doesn't really matter anymore how he tells Dean especially after outright denying who Sam was to him before. Dean's going to feel betrayed one way or the other. Sooner would have been better but now it's too late for that.

I'm wondering if Sam knows John and Dean are his family or if he thinks their distant relation too.

The one question I expected John to ask Bobby, which is, why is Sam hunting and where the heck is Elizabeth in all this he didn't..I geuss that's two questions LOLOL Anyway I'm fairly positive he didn't ask those because you are trying to torture me with suspense. ;)
8/10/2010 c5 15Principessa Di Morte
Ooo, exciting... I can't wait to see what this 'explanation' will be like... John should've known it would never end well, giving up his son like that. Anyway, wonderful job. Eagerly awaiting the next update!
8/7/2010 c5 2SMA33
I love this story! Is sam gonna be at bobbys or was he in the diner as well and that was why the waitress was distracted? But still can't wait fir the next chap and hopefully more sam?
8/6/2010 c5 jenilee
Ok, ditzy me keeps wondering how Sam got back into the hunting world TOTALLY forgetting that Mary's family were hunters in the first place. LOL Ok I'm starting to see the connection. I think I need to up the coffee so my brain will start working again. So I take it in this 'verse John knew Mary's family were hunters. LOLOL

Hmm now I wonder what that Raver has up his sleeve. Is he possibly delaying John and Dean hoping that Sam'll meet up with them. I'm curious to see what he's up to.
8/6/2010 c5 BranchSuper
The story is quite suspenseful - why is Sam using the Winchester name? Why does Raver have it in for him? How does Bobby know him and why did he not connect him with John and Dean? Where is the Impala? I hope you're going to answer all these questions soon! Good story.
8/3/2010 c4 jenilee
So Sam is definitely hunting. Hm. Now you have me wondering, how, why and if his auntie knows, assuming she's still alive. LOL

Wow I think John is not going to be very happy when he finds out.

Can't wait to see where you take this.

* I hope that you aren't feeling rushed by my questions- That definitely wasn't the intent and I really only hope to get answers in the story as it unfolds. (Although I did appreciate the bit about the shritga, since it wasn't to do with what was happening)
8/3/2010 c4 BranchSuper
Sam certainly seems to be a good hunter, even if by himself. How does this connect to what happened to Dean and John?
8/2/2010 c4 37cold kagome
omg! john is mess up..

how can dean not know sammy is his brother!

awwe poor sammy.. that mean .. sammy was alone... ...
8/2/2010 c2 cold kagome
oh! dean forgot about sammy
8/2/2010 c4 MinKattMossy
Yess, this is awesome! I'm going to Finland tomorrow, awesome that you had time to update before I left! =) And yay for Sam! =D I've been totally psyched to see some of him... =) And now I'm gonna be eagerly awaiting Dean and Sam meeting... =P But I'm sure that will come in due time... =D Loved seeing some of what Sam's been up to, and I cannot wait to learn how he ended up hunting. Never thought I'd see that kid hunt when he didn't have Dean and John pushing him. Oh well, I hope you don't hold out on me too long with these things, but I'm sure you're going to do what every good writer does... Which is write annoyingly much buildup before giving me what I crave. Which usually means I'm sitting straight and reading at racer speed and getting so excited it's just incredible... =) But what can you do? =D So anyway, thanks for another chapter so soon, even though it was a bit on the short side. =D Love it as always, so thanks for writing! =)
7/30/2010 c3 1samgirl19
ok so dean thinks sam is his cousin poor dean when he finds out sam is his brother he is not going to be happy and uh oh someone took the car
7/30/2010 c3 BranchSuper
So Sam still gave Dean his amulet. Interesting. And what is going on? Their vehicles are gone. Very strange. Can't wait to find out what's up.
7/29/2010 c3 1TheSundayBlues
Really really loving this story! Do you know when Sam's going to make an appearance? I want some Sam/Dean action (not action-action, LOL)!
7/29/2010 c3 jenilee
Nicely done on the hunt. Very tense.

Hm.. so Dean and John used to go visit Sam until eight years ago...I wonder why John quit going.

I suppose if Dean knew he and Sam were brothers he would have never allowed John to leave Sam behind.

I am curious about the Shritga(sp?). Was Sam there as well? And is that why John quit going to see Sam eight years ago.

Great update.
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