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3/14/2015 c1 Guest
This is the most fucking worst thing EVER!
4/21/2014 c2 Alaria von Ravencroft
oh dear sweet goddess can't breath laughing to hard the beauty of a mentally scarred edward is just to delicious
3/20/2014 c2 3Haku of Ice and Snow
The pair was miss leading I thought it be just Charlie S and Carlisle gay I stop reading it because You had Charlie play with Esma ... Edit it to where it says she is in it to
2/17/2013 c1 MyGre
Wow! O_o
2/16/2013 c1 Ty
1/22/2013 c2 Veronique24
Love it!
12/22/2012 c2 1WomenOfMonologue
you wanna know what i think i think YOOUUUU ARE AWESOME I CAN READ THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!please write more and i love how you put some comical moment in it i abosolutley love!
12/9/2012 c2 Deviouslytwisted
Absolutely thought it was Fabulous!

I have never read any thing so good before!

Nice job! :D
12/8/2012 c2 The.darkness-in-our.hearts
This is a brilliant story I wish there was more. Please write another story like this soon.
12/1/2012 c2 Guest
Edwards jealous. round three? ;)
12/1/2012 c1 Guest
11/17/2012 c2 15Lunetta The Wind Goddess
XD I didn't notice a chapter 2... XD You could do a POV of Edward... THAT would be funny! Great job! *gives cookies*
11/17/2012 c1 Lunetta The Wind Goddess
Please make one with Esme?! XD Make one with all three! XD I noticed that you wrote this some time ago so I don't know if you already have done it. I could bets read for you if you want? *wiggles eyebrows*
8/11/2012 c2 24Iridescent Thilbo Bagginshield
LOL! Oh man! This story has gotten me so wet! Good job!
6/25/2012 c2 James
This was uh-may-zing. This line: "NO! PLEASE GOD NO!" I am still laughing. The only thing I could recommend would be checking your spelling by reading it outloud to yourself. Also I think it is somewhat impossible to have Carlise IC in a slash fic but I think you could get a bit closer.
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