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5/20/2013 c1 81Umeko
Nice AU setting with Jack telling Anamaria's modern-day descendant about her ancestress. Anamaria's domestic arrangements might be considered unusual, even now but it smacks of her 'heck with the conventions' nature which she apparently shares with many of her fellow pirates, including Jack.
8/5/2010 c1 11sm.bean
'It was going to be a tricky balance, maintaining his outlaw credentials whilst advocating certain restrictions.' - If anyone can pull this off, it's Jack Sparrow!

It was very intriguing reading about Jack's thoughts on Lysee growing into an adult and the possibilities that just may be there in they're future. It took awhile but perhaps our Jack is growing up too.

'"...But that's not altogether advantageous when yer at somebody's disposal." Sparrow's lips thinned as he determinedly dismissed a certain recollection." -I always enjoy when you slip in subtle references of the characters' pasts. Adds dimension and depth.

Anamaria's story is both heart warming and wrenching at the same time. To find loves(in plural - nice touch ;) ) have children, and then meet a painful end. She did go with dignity:

"I like ta think Ana's last thoughts were satisfaction that she'd given all ta save her offspring, just as her own Mum had done." I felt this was very in-character for her.

'"...Captain was roused to a fearful wrath, not jus' over Ana an' Jarell's murders, but the deliberate attempt ta do as much to the children. Theer's no offense more unforgivable then that, chit. In this world or the next."

Jack was glowering into the middle distance. Lysee called that expression his "black-ice glare", and fervently hoped he'd never, ever direct it at her.

"I guess he paid them back."'

-Great job with writing emotion here. He never says so, but it is very clear that it was Jack and the Black Pearl that came and then avenged Ana.

Another great piece!

7/27/2010 c1 112geekmama
This was such a delight to read. Loved James and Mare sending Jack and Lysander away so they could have some privacy; Anamaria's story, so bittersweet and plausible; Jack's nautical jargon, totally ingrained; the descriptions of the surroundings; and the possibility of a romance in the future. Lovely story! Thank you so much for writing it and sharing it with us.

~ Geek Mama
7/27/2010 c1 36meowbooks
Well done, once again. I've always wondered what Ana Maria would have been doing.

:D Lysander is lovely and it's always a joy to hear Jack telling a story.
7/25/2010 c1 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
Oh! Such a surprise treat to get another story in this delightful series and such a rich one, full of humor-Jack trying to maintain his "outlaw credentials" and keep his balance-melancholy-the fate of Anamaria and one of her husbands-bitrersweet-the hint that her bloodline carries on perhaps into the 21st century, which would be wonderful, and the fact James and Mare are relocating away from Capri.

From my own perspective, I'm also saddened to have that odd enclave come to an end, with parents and Jack zipping off to secret mission and all sharing the house happily, even to Royal being able to remain a permanent part of it. But nothing stays the same and Lysee is growing. I was a little startled to suddenly have a story in which time has moved forward from her being the enchanting child she's been in all previous stories to a teen, but the novel possibility you have broached that SHE may be the one true match for Jack, and the Fountain making such a thing feasible is something I'd never have thought of. Brava! What a terrific idea and imaginative use of your series premise! Intriguing thought that Jack has never "fallen" because his true match had literally not been born!

But back to Ana, I've enjoyed other pairings that were well-written, Sparrabeth, even now and then a sensitively done Sparrington(!)and interesting OFC, but the match I always advocated myself and adhered to was Jack and Ana. I really liked the character and missed her in the sequels. That she and Jack remained comrades and friends and she had such a satisfying life with two men who loved her and four children, that she was able to save them and die bravely fighting, takes some of the sting from her not getting to die of old age with her grandchildren about her. I take rather fierce pleasure in Jack being able to exact justice for her and Jarrell and do it at once, first hand and ...thoroughly...

It's a particular pleasure to know there is such an actual beach and that our doughty piratess sleeps under it's sand.

You also in your comments have provided immediate relief that this is far from the last of the stories.I love this series so much and there are so many missions in history they could go on together or in various combination that it could be virtually open-ended. In fact you still haven't shown us how they took a small boat among the flotilla that went to rescue the troops at Dunkirk, nor have you had Jack and Mare on a mission just the two of them.

Am I greedily hoping to sneak in and chain you to your computer for years of these tales? Er...pirate?

- ladymouse2
7/25/2010 c1 18Harm Marie
I liked this.
7/25/2010 c1 fizben08
That was beautiful. Almost reduced me to tears at the thought of Jack missing the Norringtons, and 'the chit' so much.

The picture you produce in my head of Jack and Lysander practising their dancing as they walk along the shore, made me smile.

I really do love this series of stories, thank you so much for continuing to write and post them

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