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3/11 c48 SamonIllmantrim
This was an incredibly fun and satisfying story to read from beginning to end. Thank you for sharing this.
3/10 c48 Guest
ty for the story
3/10 c48 iChaos
First and most importantly, I appreciate that you have shared a finished Fleur and Harry story. There aren't nearly enough of these, in my opinion at least. The writing quality is good and the story itself was rather sweet, for the most part. The circumstances forcing Fleur and Harry together were plausible, but the believability of the narrative did suffer a bit from having too many drastic changes in such a short amount of time. It also bothed me a little that you used the same basic tactic of several characters trying to blatantly curse the protagonists in the back (or face) and then getting caught and punished immediately. It was effective, but repetitive. I thought that it was particularly strange that Snape got away with attempting to assassinate Harry right in the courtroom, but apparently suffered no further consequences. That being said, my favorite part was probably the way that all four of the champions worked together to get the drop on the big bad (and I was also very amused by the BtVS references). To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed with the epilogue only because the relationship between Hermione, Fleur and Harry didn't really feel supported by the content of the whole story and frankly seemed a little demeaning to Hermione and sort of just tacked on. I was actually hoping that there would be some kind of further development of the relationship between Fawkes and Fleur or maybe veela and phoenix in general. Easy for me to say after the fact, but it feels like a missed opportunity. Regardless, with the exception of so many lengthy notes that really detract from the presentation of a complete fic, I did enjoy reading it.
3/9 c28 iChaos
Dawn Summers and AleXander Harris? Oh yes, I noticed that.
3/8 c48 Gimme DaGoods
i just has to leave this review cuz I saw a lot of people saying otherwise, bu the ending you had for Hermione. i've always supported her and Harry. But I fell in love with the HarryxFleur ship because of your story. So the way I see it, this a great combination of both. Well done. Very well done
3/2 c48 RalfPaul
At least Snape died happy.
3/1 c48 Critical reader
I was a bit skeptical when I read the summary and the first chapter - magical debts and the like are often misused plot devices - but I was pleasantly surprised when I accepted the premise and decided to read on. You wrote a good story, no doubt about it. Maybe Ron is a bit too much of a caricature of himself, but he is a flawed character in the books as well, and while many people can and do learn, others won't. The epilogue might be a little fairytale-like, but then, a bit of closure and happiness for the positive characters never hurts. All in all, I am happy that I read your story to the end. I also take my hat off to you for having found the strength to continue it after a long break. It would have been a pity if you had abandoned it.
2/28 c48 2Sanctum4
I despise poly relationships and it kinda hurt/pissed me off that you just added Hermione into Fleur and Harry's relationship since their relationship was so good. But I guess it was up to you :/ Overall everything was a good read except for that one part. 9/10
2/28 c47 Guest
Read your story just today.

I'm also an anonymous poster of remarks.

There is a particular author on FFN who posts a few chapters of a story and then moves to another story. I called this author out to complete the story to conclusion and then start a new story. incidentally this particular author had posted some very good stuff, but then went off the slope.

Another author i called out has this irritating habit of creating pediatric harems. This author called me Mr Underbridge (essentially a troll who lives under the bridge and jumps onto Mr Billy Goat Gruff).

What you have written was an excellent story. Yes, you did take about 10 years to complete it, but hey (hay is for horses and asses - i am an ass), real life gets in the way of hay.

Excellent writing and hope to see more from you in future
2/27 c48 ForgottenPrince
Great read, loved the story
2/25 c48 1Lyn1991
Ok I admit. I bypass your story several times because of the summary of what it’s about. I guess it wasn’t clicking for me. However, I’m so pissed at myself that I did that because I actually missed out on something good. This gave me life! I was literally having family time and I couldn’t put my phone down. It was soooooooo good. N I can’t wait to read more of your work.
4rm:Your newest fan!
2/22 c48 Aria DeLoncray
Great story!
2/14 c48 Mikeblade
than you for writing this story
2/14 c38 Mikeblade
if voldy used the curse on peter why did harry feel it he is not liked to peter in any way the only way for harry to feel the curse is if someone hit voldy with it in the dream thats the only way for it to make sense
2/14 c36 Mikeblade
good read was fun .
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