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10/23 c27 Solstice07
I know it's fanfiction and you're allowed to do whatever you want for your story, but I hoped you'd give some explanations/background for why Dumbledore and Snape have been acting the way they are. Dumbledore I understand, to a certain extent, but since we never saw his control over Harry challenged in canon, we can only guess how he'd react if it did. Snape though is throwing me on a loop. Yes, he was a bitter man and acted like a disgusting bat towards harry, but he has never harmed him directly, and throwing sectumsempras at him is complete reversal of his character from canon.
I hope I don't sound like I'm just ranting for the sake of it, I have enjoyed this fic and just want to know reasons behind one of it's rare lackings.
10/21 c48 adenoide
J'ai bien aimé la fic.
10/7 c15 squidwardeats
I wouldn't be surprised if Ron murdered everyone harry knew and lived and harry would still call him the best friend he ever bad
10/6 c30 2bugzadc
I have read this fic so many times and Fleur's closing quote in this chapter is a delight each time
10/3 c39 Guest
Okay, I know for a FACT that you are also a fan of Buffy the vampire slayer. Alexander Harris and Cordelia Chase for the reporters gave you away: you used Xander and Cordy's full names. But I love your work so far!
9/23 c44 morgannac64
I noticed the reporters' names you used are from Buffy. lol
9/7 c11 1Sage-of-the-six-paths7777
LOL the guest message on chapter Tin is mine LOL I didn't realize I wasn't signed in
9/7 c10 Sage-of-the-six-paths7777
The review about Avenue is mine I didn't realize I wasn't signed in LOL I love your story and can't stop listening to it
9/7 c10 Guest
I just wanted to let you know I listened to my book on screen reader so it translates the words into reading it out word ave Sounds like Avenue So for a deaf person they're probably thinking this guy is saying Avenue LOL just wanted to let you know
9/6 c48 Peachicetea030521
Loved this story!
9/6 c31 Peachicetea030521
I love harry and Gabrielle together so sweet! How old is she in this story?
9/6 c30 Peachicetea030521
9/6 c23 Peachicetea030521
I love this
9/5 c20 Shadeymankey
Still loving this very much on the re-read. Sad he hasnt been healed yet
9/3 c1 d.mckinney1014
Run Sirius. lmao that was funny
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