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9/23 c44 morgannac64
I noticed the reporters' names you used are from Buffy. lol
9/7 c11 1Sage-of-the-six-paths7777
LOL the guest message on chapter Tin is mine LOL I didn't realize I wasn't signed in
9/7 c10 Sage-of-the-six-paths7777
The review about Avenue is mine I didn't realize I wasn't signed in LOL I love your story and can't stop listening to it
9/7 c10 Guest
I just wanted to let you know I listened to my book on screen reader so it translates the words into reading it out word ave Sounds like Avenue So for a deaf person they're probably thinking this guy is saying Avenue LOL just wanted to let you know
9/6 c48 Peachicetea030521
Loved this story!
9/6 c31 Peachicetea030521
I love harry and Gabrielle together so sweet! How old is she in this story?
9/6 c30 Peachicetea030521
9/6 c23 Peachicetea030521
I love this
9/5 c20 Shadeymankey
Still loving this very much on the re-read. Sad he hasnt been healed yet
9/3 c1 d.mckinney1014
Run Sirius. lmao that was funny
9/1 c14 Difdi
Harry just described being treated like a house elf in a room full of house elves - and not the way he treats Dobby, but how the worst sort of families abuse their elves. House elves have good hearing - one might even punnishly state they have sharp ears. The elves of Hogwarts discovering that Harry is effectively an honorary house elf might have odd consequences...
9/1 c13 Difdi
I find it amusing that "tres chers enfants" translates as "dear children" but just "tres chers" translates as "very expensive" - says something about having kids, heh.
9/1 c10 Difdi
On the subject of messing with Snape, they might be able to get his Potions Mastery revoked. Under the guild system - Apprentice, Journeyman, Master - there are three requirements to hold the rank of Master, and failing in any of the three means you are just a Journeyman, no matter how skilled you might actually be.

First, you must be skilled enough, and that skill known widely enough, that the existing Masters of your craft consider you worthy of a Mastery. Second, you must produce a work of that craft that is considered Master-grade - for Snape, it was likely inventing a new potion. Third, you must be willing and able to teach your craft to students.

That third one is the way they could get his Mastery taken away. Normally, under the guild system, the students a Master would be teaching would be Apprentices, which in the Wizarding world are post-Hogwarts graduate students. But by taking a teaching position at Hogwarts, the requirement to teach students has been extended down to 11 year olds for Snape. He doesn't teach, he just orders them to follow recipes as if in a cookbook, directly out of that cookbook - he doesn't even teach them the difference between sliced and chopped ingredients or basic safety protocols! Providing a memory of his teaching style to whatever supervisory board oversees the awarding of Masteries in Britain could see him stripped of his Mastery on the spot, and certainly would after they inserted a polyjuiced observer or two into his classroom!

There is one thing about that first potions class Harry had that a lot of people miss though. At the time, Snape believed Harry had had a proper British pureblood upbringing. That sort of childhood would include training in something called The Language of Flowers. You can convey very complex messages just by what flowers you display or send to someone, and every plant Snape asked Harry about how to use in a potion is listed in a Flower Dictionary. Those flowers, and the order Snape said them in, translate into English as "I deeply regret your mother's death, and miss her greatly." And then Harry failed to respond to Snape's statement, which from Snape's perspective was very rude - a proper response from Harry would be to ask about the use of specific flowers in potions, in a certain order.

Puts a completely different spin on that first lesson, eh?
8/24 c48 jurmaev
Brilliant story, thank you!
8/18 c48 Incantations7
While it focused heavily on the relationship between Harry and Fleur, it didn’t bog down on it like some fics ive read, and still kept my interest. I also enjoyed how you handled Dumbles, but I don’t think you took it far enough, because if they had released the information about why he committed treason, I think that would have been a bigger death to his reputation…

Im now going to see what else you’ve written…
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