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7/25/2010 c2 LordoftheWaningMoon
I particularly like how you portrayed the father in an active role in the story. He seems very enigmatic. Hope to read more of this soon because you're actually a very good writer. No spelling errors and a good step-by-step description of how the characters are experiencing at the moment make this story worth 4 stars (lets face it: the story's good, but I'm hoping for an exemplary work because you are)
7/25/2010 c2 9tumshie
I'm liking this so far, but a Frenchman is Monsieur, not Seigneur.
7/25/2010 c1 4darkplayer35
I like this first chapter since it helps to explain Fleur's behavior. Keep up the great work.
7/25/2010 c2 darkplayer35
Great start to the story. I like how you help to develop the background of the story. I look forward to reading more. Please update soon.
7/25/2010 c2 OakDarkleaf
A nice first 2 chapters. I look forward to the rest of the story.
7/25/2010 c2 Santa1
Brilliant chapter. it is interesting i am looking forward to finding out what happend when veela owes a life deb.
7/25/2010 c2 nightwing27
way cool I bet once that old dino finds out he's goes crazy that his plans fails for his weapon
7/25/2010 c1 nightwing27
good start
7/25/2010 c2 1Strider Mew
very interesting... I hope to see more updates soon. I'm kind of sleepy since I've read this in one go after coming off from a 14 hr work rotation... so I might as well ask: Is this version of the Delacours also a foreign dignitary? If so, would doing away with Dursleys (one can only hope) via Sebastian's rage be off the hook via diplomatic immunity?
7/25/2010 c2 Siriusly Grim
This story is great. The plot is developing nicely and i hope it continues to do so. Update asap.
7/25/2010 c2 major wallace
NICE i like were this is going
7/25/2010 c2 IgnisHeart
Looks interesting. I can't wait to see where this goes. Update soon.
7/25/2010 c2 Hericus C
Interesting. And yes, while it is cliched, it is entertaining. I liked the old style address for Sebastian.
7/25/2010 c2 kennethw
It's great to hear that you're planning on 40+ chapters. I really like the Fleur-Harry pairing and there just isn't enough novel length stories out there. The 1st two chapters are well written and have caught the imagination, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the story.
7/25/2010 c2 40shadowwriter329
It easy for you to say you have over 23 reviews in only two chapters. I have not a single review for my Harry Potter story and all I have to go by that people like it is a few alerts anf favorites. and I can count on on hand to recall that.

sorry had a little rant their and your comment at the end got me going. anyway love where this is going and waiting for more. just one thing; is this sometime after the second task or when the school is about to end?
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