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8/18 c48 Incantations7
While it focused heavily on the relationship between Harry and Fleur, it didn’t bog down on it like some fics ive read, and still kept my interest. I also enjoyed how you handled Dumbles, but I don’t think you took it far enough, because if they had released the information about why he committed treason, I think that would have been a bigger death to his reputation…

Im now going to see what else you’ve written…
8/18 c48 jfc why
Holy shit this epilogue is awful. And jesus, imagine going "oh you must just hate Hermione". Go fuck yourself, Hermione is my favorite character. You're just a shit writer. Like holy shit this is hot garbage that just ruins the previous 47 chapters.
8/18 c44 Incantations7
If id been drinking anything, I know that I would have sprayed it out with that comment….
8/18 c29 Incantations7
Surprisingly I didn’t catch the names, until i saw your author’s notes, and went back to look… Usually im much better at catching easter eggs, but oh well…
8/16 c48 7oolfloo
Absolutely loved this! And I like the trio ending too, despite the unconventional arrangement. I would love a one-shot on the ‘talk’ Fleur has with Hermione where she forces her to admit her feelings.
8/16 c11 kageknuser2710
I liked everything except the last part... Sirius stuck his face up Fleur's crotch. That is wrong and disgusting on so many different levels. An actual violation against Fleur, and absolute disrespectful against Harry, Sirius' Godson.
Can't even disguise it as a prank because the line was crossed that badly. Disgusting.
8/5 c19 26Sarcasm Dragon
Personally, I would have liked it if just before the wedding, or even at the wedding, Fleur was put into a position where she saved Harry's life.

Just when Harry was totally hopeful about a future with her, she saves his life and she no longer has to marry him to save her magic.

Yet she still wants to continue the relationship. Not the wedding. He's 14. But still the relationship.

I honestly thought that might have been what you had planned since you mentioned the chance that she'd save his life a few times. Ah well.
8/5 c8 Sarcasm Dragon
It's so sad for the veela who are saved by women or who owe life debts two life debts-to two different guys.

Of course, obviously you could say that if a life debt is owed to a witch there is no strange conflict and that a marriage bond offers protection-otherwise it would be really sad for those veela in such a situation.
7/31 c48 15Saissa
Great story. I LOVE well written TWT stories and this one was very well written. Even if it did take more than a decade to complete!
7/25 c34 Guest
Till chap 33 I waited that you will get out of your ass and we will have seen some confidence built in HP. But seems like you like weak Heros. This HP even though loved more but is still too weak which he never was in Cannon. I wonder if this crap is worth reading any more. Even in another Fic HpFD pairing atleast he was even willing to kill for his one perfect wish. This fic disgusts me how you have handled HP N AD
7/25 c26 Guest
Though I am not fan of other than Harry Ginny or Harry Hermiony in that order, I do like some good Daphne or Fleur or Tonks. However, the one aim authors like you who have made a crusade to honor Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore in such nice way is pathetic to the boot. I have not been able to understand, why HP has to be abused physically and sexually. Why Dumbledore or Weasley family have to be downright evil. I pity those who have to read this junk which could have been otherwise good romance.
7/24 c5 NCC1701D USS Enterprise
B-E-A-UTIFUL! Loourve this story so far. Everything including your hpsquatter story... thanks heaps
7/24 c4 NCC1701D USS Enterprise
I love it so far, well written and sufficiently emotional while being vengeful at the same time. thanks, I've read too many ffs so another fun read is awesome. thanks
7/12 c31 Baz62
Personally I think the way you've written Ron is correct. I always saw him as very shallow, jealous and not a particularly nice person. Could never understand the likelihood of him and Hermione ever being together.
7/9 c2 Anon. Crewmember
I totally understand the disgust some people have for Dumbledore's actions. He has done a GREAT many awful things. I ALSO understand that, from Dumbledore's perspective, he is balancing the fate of THE ENTIRE WORLD, not JUST the wizarding one, on the end of a human hair. Had ANY NUMBER of things gone differently? Voldemort would have ruled the world, Possibly for thousands of years to come. I wish more people would keep that in mind when writing these. That said, SEBASTIAN doesn't know that, and really I will hold any actual judgement of the fic until I have read further. I just wanted to put that out there. Also, I came here pretty much blind from a Rec on a forum, so there is that.
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