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10/3 c103 KOTHP5532
Fine work. Binged the whole thing, and found myself liking it more than the show, which can be a bit clunky at times compared to the manga.

I know it’s been a while since you last posted, but I hope you get more time to write soon, and I hope you have as much fun writing this as we all do reading it.
9/21 c1 Mx
Glad to see this story is still alive, and just truly grateful for your work ! One of the best fanfics of CG ever. I've read maybe this four or five times now over like 8 years, and it always feels sooo amazing. I love your characters- both canon and OCs, and the plot is very gripping too- has the original CG elements but everything fits well within your own universe. Better than a lot of mainstream anime/books/movies. Thank you again for this masterpiece. And I hope this is on AO3 or somewhere else because I constantly get nervous about FF dot net being taken down and then not able to read this fanfic again . Lots of love and wishes
9/15 c103 Z
Always a great read. I think I've read the entire thing three times now.
8/23 c103 Huntress
This made my day! I've read this story a loooong time ago and really liked how well written it is, and the relationships between Lelouch and the various characters in your story! Recently, I rewatched Code Geass again and decided to re-read your fic! And I'm very pleasantly surprised that it has been updated :D Code Geass is such a masterpiece and your fic manages to live up to it! No matter how long we have to wait, I will always follow your story! Hope you are doing well!
8/6 c103 Ams Saripada
I really enjoyed reading this fic, I think this is the best code geass fic ever made, I will keep waiting even if it takes years til this gets an update, thank you author!
8/6 c100 Ams Saripada
I read the author’s note last chap, and it was on hiatus for a few years, but the quality of the writing hasn’t dropped, it’s like it improved a bit more. massive respect to the author!
8/5 c91 Ams Saripada
If only we can comment on each of the sentence in this web, it would be hilarious XD
8/1 c62 Ams Saripada
I wish abigail would change her views towards the numbers, but I still ship her being with lelouch lol
7/31 c53 Ams Saripada
I really love how the author is able to mix some comedy XD
7/30 c36 Ams Saripada
Oh god, I hope abigail and lelouch somehow ends up together, AND NOW WE’RE FINALLY HERE! LET’S FUCKIN GOOOO!
7/28 c14 Ams Saripada
This is hilarious, lelouch suffering because of charles and the bitch (abigail) XD
7/19 c103 1AlterID
Absolutely breathtaking literature. This fic takes everything good about Code Geass and ratchets it up to Eleven. I cannot sing higher praises for this fic and I hope it continues going until the end.

Long Live Lelouch! Long Live Allora!
7/18 c103 Guest
This fic is even better than I remembered, I love it!
7/3 c103 zxLupa
Sooo... I'm quite sad that I have to wait for an update now. I binged this story in the last 4 days and I gotta say that you did a very good job with this fic. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
6/18 c103 a fan
Please never stop writing. your style is beautiful
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