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12/29/2014 c5 ai enma
i think that you dont really need to warm up because the story is already dead and the saddest part, it was you who killed it.
7/27/2012 c5 3annoyingLONER
awesome fic. hope youll continue on writing
12/22/2011 c5 kurogane000
I love your story, but I will be honest. It is lack of connection and spaces.

Your story is too hard to keep up due to the fact that you keep jumping from different POVs without any transitions or connections. I could not figure it out which is which conversation belong to whoever speaking until further reading.

Spaces, the main factor of a story, I understand that you tried to give space for the readers to have an easy reading process. However, it is backfired. Your timing for spaces definitely in wrong orders. Some long sentences need to space but there are no spaces and some don't even need it.

Moreover, everything going so fast, I just could not process each chapter without reading the old one carefully.

Overall, your story have a good base for development. Please keep it up, author-san
11/27/2011 c5 oOYuuOo
Ohh.. Nao and Shizuru had a some kind of relationship?

Natsuki should do her best to get Shizuru now.. hehehe

Thank you for the update! I'm excited for the next chapter~ :3
11/20/2011 c5 ShadowCub
Sound like some potential for Shizuru cheating.
11/20/2011 c5 Snypr
Okay okay - it's good... but really. go for shiznatness... o0; well yeah...
11/19/2011 c5 2Kiyohime-chan
wow... awesome story so far, but i'm kinda confuse, and is S-chan mentioned in the story is Saeko...? And please update soon... cuz i wanna know what happen when shiz and nat's moms meet...
11/19/2011 c5 AnonexistedID
5/5/2011 c3 26with love - Elincia
loved how funny shizuru was being in her letter. Im dearly hoping to see natsuki and shizuru meet. you write so well! plz continue ^^
4/18/2011 c4 oOYuuOo
Cliffy! I wonder what happened during their journey to the palace from the forest. o_o

It's kinda confusing but as the story progress, I'd say it's getting exciting! :D

I want to know what would happen next~

I'm looking forward for the next chapter~ :3
10/31/2010 c4 12To. You - From. Me
ohh, will shizuru remember? OH the DRAMA!
10/31/2010 c3 To. You - From. Me
10/31/2010 c2 To. You - From. Me
interesting. mais... bizarre!
10/31/2010 c1 To. You - From. Me
sidenote: be more calm about an idea, plan it out. it works better.
10/25/2010 c4 Passive Priah
i enjoyed it, hopefully the sex is more descriptive. ohhh, damn, i could just imagine how the sex would be... -drools- damn, hurry up and get to whatever chapter that is gunna be on!
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