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5/7/2018 c14 14khazrn43
Oh please oh please come back and finish this story
Honor their tether! Remember our drummer!
12/3/2017 c15 khazrn43
Oh please oh please come back and finish this story
Honor their tether! Remember our drummer!
1/30/2015 c16 khazrn43
Too bad you abandon this story. It was really great. You should finish it.
10/13/2012 c16 Rachel.xxx
Babe this story is amazing please can you update it because the ending sort of confused me but it as great nonetheless xoxoxoxo
12/15/2011 c16 LittleMissBluegrass
I just have to say I love this story and it's one of the first fanfictions I read but I just have to say...it can't be over, can it! Please tell there is more and I just missed it :-)
1/20/2011 c16 4marianaaz
continueeeeeee pleasee
12/24/2010 c16 4RockerPrincess83
This is such a great story. I love how you alternate the chapters with past and present. I hope you're not too upset that I didn't review after every chapter but I didn't want to clog up your inbox. Amazing work :)
12/23/2010 c16 Artaxerxes
enjoyed your story please update soon
12/4/2010 c16 xjennifermarie3
awwww i love this 3
12/3/2010 c16 adriane7
I am glad this was updated but when will we find out why Rachel has left him? Update please
12/2/2010 c16 laylita83
I like the flashback but im curious to know when things went so wrong.update soon!
12/2/2010 c16 14NMHudsonSmith
Aww happy Finchel! YAY! We need it after the disaster this past episode turned out to be. Can't wait for more updates!
12/2/2010 c16 1Sarah24601
So glad you updated! Great chapter! Please try and update soon! This is a great story!
12/2/2010 c16 noro
loved it
11/12/2010 c15 Avidreaderofallstories
This chapter was great!please write the next chapter as soon as you can!,,its been quite a while,thanks!
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