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5/31/2016 c1 24Kitty in the Box
Thank you. I loved this. I always v found their friendship interesting.
5/19/2011 c1 64Incy Little Spider

I've always kinda found Kanou's and Someya's relantionship really interesting and this captures that perfectly. I love how Kanou pretends not to care but deep down he loves his old friend, it's so cute! This is wonderfully written and it's just...heart-touching and brilliant. It made my day!

Thanks a billion for writing it!
9/2/2010 c1 2saranya1555
bonne fic et bonne continuation
8/21/2010 c1 1Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
Awesome, love it!

Someya is so cool! ^_^
8/3/2010 c1 deadTank
Excellent work! I haven't come across such a well-written piece in such a long time (not to mention how rare it is to find anything about Someya)! I'm amazed that you've managed to show the relationship between Someya and Kanou so well. Not only are the characters both portrayed perfectly, but you've filled in so many of the gaps that the manga left out. I never understood why Kanou hated 'homos/transvestites' so much (especially now that he's in a gay relationship himself :P), but reading this fic makes everything make sense. It's like Kanou's hatred of these people is just part of the anger left over from 'loosing' his childhood friend being directed at everyone that reminds him of what he's become. Still, it's sad that there's so little acceptance for this kind of thing in Japan...

Anyway, congradulations on such a great fic! I haven't read anything THIS good in this section for a long time.

PS I'm upset about what's going on with Manga Fox and One Manga, but you can still read Okane ga Nai. You can download individual chapters directly from either Dangerous Pleasure (http:/dpscanlations.deathsvertigo.com) or Aarin Fantasy (http:/aarinfantasy.com/forum). If you use Aarin Fantasy, you'll have to join, but this isn't difficult.

I know that this isn't as convienient as reading the scanlations from OM or MF, but it's much better than not reading them at all. I've been a huge fan of this manga for YEARS (before the anime came out), and initially I had to get these from mIRC (time consuming... *_*), but I never let that stop me. ^_-
7/26/2010 c1 5XxMyth MakerxX
This was...kinda romantic. While I firmly believe in "KanouXAyase", I could see a plot line like this. One in which Ayase didn't exist, of course (cus Kanoua and Ayase can't both be alive and not in love at the same time). Good job :)

OMG I KNOW! I'm like, MANGA! And it all seems to be going away D: And I agree about the anime. Besides, I like the manga better ^_^

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