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8/20/2013 c6 4garnmcgaughn
This was a fun story but I think it was almost too quick of a pace to it. There was opportunities for a much more in depth and lengthy story.
8/20/2013 c1 garnmcgaughn
This is an interesting start to the story I like the idea of Jessie being a friend to her. Conversations need a bit better format to them and the odd typo but good start :)
1/12/2011 c1 Lilmeister
I really loved the idea that Jesse and Rachel was best friends- honestly I didn't expect that and I liked their relationship together =) I didn't expect Sue being Brittany's mother either but that was a cool idea. Quinn and Rachel together always brings a smile to my face when you wrote a chapter about them being together. Or- just a small fluff scene, those were my favorite moments.

The story was very sweet and I really enjoyed it. It saddens me though that you aren't getting reviews and ended up cutting the story short.. but I do want you to know that you've written a story that nonetheless was very wonderful to read. Thank you for even taking the time to finish this- honestly most writers give up and don't leave an ending if people don't review. So for you to- thank you, because I think I would've been a bit upset to read all this and get all the build up and- wham! ... no ending.. lol
8/23/2010 c6 15Cassicio
I really like this, and am sad it's done. But, I like the ending, it's sweet.
8/19/2010 c6 1Gleek Faberry-Achele Fan
noooo! you can't end this story! seriously it's one of my favourites! pleease write more ^_^
8/19/2010 c6 Mrs.Lovett1
Aaaawww why are you ending this? There's so much potential! I've beeen reading the whole time but I ALWAYS forget to reveiw it for some stupid ass reason :/ well I really enjoyed reading this, I look forward to reading more of your writtting.

8/19/2010 c6 4Ms. Rocker
Shame you had to cut this one short. I'm looking forward to your next story. :)
8/19/2010 c5 5angelv7
pain in the butt phone lol i shall continue my review now.. So yeah at least the Brittant flirting got caused them to share their first kiss :D I really hope more people comment because I would love to see what else you had planned for this one.. I love fluffy Faberry!
8/19/2010 c6 angelv7
I just found this story and am sad to hear you wont be continuing it. I have enjoyed it very much and was getting really excited that their friendship was developing into more.. Cheeky Brittany for flirting with Rachel but at least it
8/19/2010 c6 3Life-Live-Love-Learn
no dont stop it! please write whatever else you were planning on! i really do love this story and im sorry for not reviewing but you have got to keep on going if you have more planed for this story i love how rachel and quinn developed and are now finally in a relationship and i love santana and brittany are and how theyre supportive of rachel and quinn being together and how they planned out making quinn jealous i genuinely love this story and itd be a total shame if you ended it before it should so im begging you please go on and PLZ update soon
8/19/2010 c6 34Jedi Luka
Awww i liked this story

i love that u made quinn jealous :)
8/10/2010 c4 1whatever12345
aww i really like jesse and rachel's friendship. i hope quinn and rachel admit their feelings to each other~!
8/10/2010 c4 11starophie
Excited for more!

8/8/2010 c3 starophie
This was so precious!

Oh I can't wait for more =)

8/4/2010 c3 Mrs.Lovett1
Rachel is right! San and B are Sickly Cute together(: not at cute as Rach And Q tho(;

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